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In this case assignment, you are required to consider and apply the content from chapters 6-8 in responding to the latest concerns facing This Makes Scents.

When approaching this case and writing your submission, assume you have been hired by Jessie & Ashton as an HR consultant to address the following business needs. Ensure your submission is organized, written, and presented in a professional manner.
Recommend a training plan to help improve the performance of newly hired sales clerks. Your training plan must identify:

3 instructional goals (outcomes you want from a training program) and rationale for proposing these goals.
Training methods that will help meet the instructional goals (identify at least 2) and rationale for proposing these methods.
Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your training program (Remember the various levels of evaluation of training) and rationale for proposing these evaluation methods.
Currently, the sales clerks and inventory specialist are only receiving base pay and mandatory benefits. Ashton and Jessie are considering whether they should implement an incentive pay plan for their staff. What pay-for-performance incentive plan(s) would you recommend and why? What considerations would the organization need to take in adopting your proposed plan(s)?

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