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Culture name middle eastern American
Grading Rubric for PA Culture Project due 1/7/2021
Name: _____________________________________________ Culture __________________
Topic Complete
Where does the culture/religion come from?(country, continent) (5 pts)
Communication (3 pts each - 15 pts total)
• native language
• eye contact
• touch
• who to speak to in the family
• differences between men & women
Dress (5 pts)
• special modesty considerations
• special clothing or meaning of clothing
Beliefs about the meaning of health & illness (5 pts)
Beliefs about organ donation (5 pts)
Beliefs about birth control and abortion (5 pts)
Illnesses common in this cultural/ethnic group. (at least 3 - 15 pts)
Dominant religion/(or ethnicity that practices the religion) in this group (5 pts)
Life cycle ceremonies (4 pts each – 20 pts total)
• birth
• death
• Holidays & Sabbaths
• Title of spiritual leader
• Holy book(s) and holy objects.
References (at least 1 per section-)
Add website URL link (this web address should take me EXACTLY to where your info came from, NOT THE HOMEPAGE) below paragraph (10 pts)
If information is from a book, cite using APA format- Include page numbers APA CITATION STILL GOES UNDER THE SECTION.
Typed, without spelling or grammatical errors and correct bulleted format as listed below. (10 pts)
***Aim for credible websites (.edu, .org or .gov) or official associations page.
Wikipedia and .wikis sources are NOT acceptable.
Projects received late will incur 10 point score deduction.
Project Format and submission: (Word document file) should be formatted like a fact sheet with bullet points and headings for each section. DO NOT USE THIS SHEET AS A TEMPLATE. Submit file directly to assignment, no projects will be accepted if sent to my Canvas Inbox.
Examples of APA Format (For those using books as source)
Example of Textbook Citation:
Williams, P. (2018). deWit’s Fundamental concepts and skills for nursing 5th edition. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.
Any other book should be cited as:
Last name, 1st initial . (year) Title in italics. Location of publisher: Publisher.
Chapter and page number should in placed in the text. Format example: (Authors last name, page, year of publishing)….(Williams, p.475, 2018)

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