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LST1PDC 2021 From Prisons to Detention Centres: Interrogating Containment
Worth: 25% of total assessment
Length: 1,000 words
Due: 11:55pm, Friday 20st August 2021
This assessment requires you to write an 1,000 word mini-essay critically reflecting on your learning in the first 4 weeks of LST1PDC - From Prisons to Detention Centres: Interrogating Containment.
Your critical reflection should respond to the following question:
Which ideas, concepts or themes from the first four weeks of PDC have most impacted your changing views of containment?
In addressing this question, you may like to first think about your views of containment prior to commencing the subject. Did you come to PDC with any particular perceptions about the nature, necessity, functions, experiences or effects of containment. Then, reflect upon how your views of containment have changed. Identify those ideas, concepts, issues or themes covered in PDC during weeks 1-4 which have most contributed to the development of your thinking. How have these PDC concepts, themes and ideas impacted upon your changing perceptions of containment – have they confirmed, reinforced or challenged your views, and in what specific ways?
Reading Requirement
You must refer to at least 4 readings or AV materials from the first four weeks of the subject’s reading list or e-Lesson (this does not include lecture material). These sources must be properly cited in-text and included in a reference list at the end of your work. Note that you are not required to do any additional research for this assessment.
You can refer to and reflect upon the lecture content, but do so sparingly. Do not cite the lecture materials.
Marking Criteria
Your critical reflection will be marked according to the following criteria:
• Familiarity with subject content
• Critical reflection upon learning
• Structure of discussion
• Grammar and expression
• Referencing
• Presentation
Presentation, Referencing and Submission
• Your critical reflection should be prepared and submitted using either MS Word (.doc and .docx) or WordPerfect (.wpd)
• You should structure your critical reflection as a mini-essay. This is not a diary!
• Use A4 size pages and a clear, simple and legible black font – either 11 or 12 point
• Double-space the text
• Sources should be properly referenced using Harvard in-text citations – like this: (author, year, p.#). You must also include a reference list at the end of your work which details those sources directly cited in-text (reference list is not included in word count). Harvard referencing system is modelled in the library’s academic referencing tool at
• Include a cover title page at the start with your name and student number, your tutor’s name and seminar time.
• Include page numbers throughout.
Your critical reflection must be submitted electronically via the ‘Critical Reflection Submission Link’ which will be located in the Assessments block on the LST1PDC LMS site.
You will only be able to submit your critical reflection once.
On submission, your work will be run through the text-matching software Turnitin. Please make sure prior to submitting your work that you are familiar with the requirement around academic integrity. For further information see the Academic Integrity site at:
Further information concerning extensions and penalties, referencing and how to avoid plagiarism are available in the Department of Social Inquiry Rules which are located in the Subject Essentials block on the LST1PDC LMS site.
Please seek the assistance of your tutor if you require assistance in relation to this assessment or experience any difficulties. Requests for extensions can be made directly to your tutor.
Peer learning advisors ( can also be consulted for assistance.

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