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Research Question: Does social support moderate the relationship between lockdown disobedience and subjective wellbeing?
Literature Review (3000 words)
Write a psychological literature review on topics of:
· Negative impact on mental health/Wellbeing due to COVID-19 Lockdown (10 articles)
· Negative impact on mental health/Wellbeing due to COVID-19 Pandemic (10 articles)
· Research on Lockdown Compliance or Lockdown Disobedience on mental health/wellbeing (5 articles)
· Research on how social support can help improve mental health (5 articles)
A total of 30 peer reviewed journal articles that are referenced in APA 7 format is needed in the Literature Review.
Journal articles must be:
- Peer reviewed
- Critically analysed on how the study was conducted
- What was done in the study and how it was conducted
- What was good and bad in the articles
- How it could assist in our research question
Rubric for Literature Review
- All key concepts are clearly, logically, concisely defined and embedded within the peer-reviewed literature.
- All relevant background literature is clearly and concisely linked to a convincing rationale via critical analysis (e.g., identifying shortcomings of past research, areas of contention, and/or gaps within the literature.
- All relevant theories and empirical studies are acknowledged, appropriately described, and understood.
- All aspects of the research procedure are clearly summarised with the appropriate level of detail.

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