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need to write an executive summary
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TDM assignment - 2
End of Module Assessment (60%): • Individual report of 4,000 words, evaluating the tourism policy at a national or regional level and its value for tourism business development. MLO3, 4, 5
Assignment Question:
Tourism policies provide a necessary and crucial direction for a destination’s tourism industry, influencing and affecting strategies and decisions made in relevance to the growth and direction of the industry.
Produce a 4, 000 word report for this assignment. Choose a country, a region in a country or a province or state and look at their tourism policy / policies. Your task is to evaluate the policy / policies.
This entails asking:
What is the essence of the policy / policies? Why do you think the destination formulated such a policy / policies?
Examine the strategies and discuss what the implications of the accompanying strategies of the policy / policies are.
Discuss also, how effective has this policy been?
What did this tourism policy or policies translate into? Research the different outcomes of the policy (s) to measure the effectiveness and the value it/they have brought to tourism businesses in the destination.
You may want to check with your tutor to make sure what you found are tourism policies of a destination.
Important information:
You will need to learn and know the important steps in writing a report, which is different from writing an essay.
Late submissions will be given deduction of marks, according to university or institution’s policy on late submission.
Please ensure you use peer reviewed academic sources of literature, APA 6 or 7. You are also to ensure that your sources are current and not have many outdated sources; typically, sources in the last 5 to 6 years are considered current.

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