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NUR135 Assessment 3 Information
College of Nursing and Midwifery
Assessment 3: Digital presentation (500 words + 10 minutes)
Brief description Develop a digital presentation for nursing colleagues on an Australian health promotion campaign and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Due date Monday the 1st of November 2400
Length 10 minute video or audio presentation with a 500 word written document
Weighting 40%
Using the health promotion campaign you selected in Assessment 2 develop a digital presentation to provide to your nursing colleagues. This presentation must outline the Australian health promotion campaign and how it addresses your three action areas of the Ottawa Charter. In addition, you must also present the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal that your health promotion is most closely linked to and how it is linked.
The 500 word written document is a summary of your presentation with in text references and a reference list.
Task instructions
Gathering your Data
1. Choose one of the following primary health areas (you can present the same one from Assessment two)
a. Mental health
b. Skin Cancer
c. Smoking
d. Young pregnant/new mothers
2. Identify the relevant Australian public health promotion that attempts to address your chosen primary health area (e.g. Beyond Blue addresses mental health for men).
3. Choose three Action Areas from the Ottawa Charter below and discuss how your chosen Australian public health promotion addresses each one.
Action Areas
o Build Healthy Public Policy
o Create Supportive Environments
o Strengthen Community Actions
o Develop Personal Skills
o Reorient Health Services
4. Visit the website and select one of the Sustainable Development Goals that is closely aligned to your health promotion campaign. Outline to your audience why you have selected that goal. (e.g Goal 3, Target 3.4 could be linked to the ”Beyond Blue” initiative and then you explain why.)
1. Use PowerPoint to develop your presentation, consider the use of pictures or visual aids to make your presentation engaging. You must use either video or audio recording. Remember to introduce yourself and end with a concluding statement.
2. Ensure each slide has a reference of where you sourced your information using APA.
3. Provide a 500word written summary of your presentation as a separate word document. Ensure your word document is referenced with a reference list at the end using APA.
4. There will be two items to upload prior to the due date:
• Word File = 500word written summary
• PowerPoint presentation (this can be converted to a MP4 file)
This assignment requires you to present a 10-minute digital presentation (minimum 7 min max 10 min) on your chosen health promotion campaign addressing the Ottawa Charter for health and how this links to the Sustainable Development Goal.
Submission Point
There is only one submission point for this assessment. Please use the folder titled Assessment 3 submission point to submit your final assessment. Do not provide a link, do not cut and copy your assessment into the submission point and do not provide a PDF and do not email the unit with your submission
Some writing tips:
• Avoid long, confusing sentences and check that your tenses (past, present and future)
are consistent within the same sentence.
• Avoid posing questions; work the information into the paragraph.
• Use plain English. It is essential your meaning is clear and that you demonstrate your
understanding of the nature of the topic.
• As good practice, whenever you include (cite) an author in your writing, ensure you
include the full reference to the text referred to, at the end of your writing task. There is an expectation that you have intext references and a reference list.
• To find appropriate sources, use the CDU library online journal databases.
• Use APA referencing guidelines can be found on the CDU Library website. Download a
copy and keep it to hand so that you can refer to it regularly as you learn the skills of
• The APA 7th referencing system should be used as per the referencing guidelines on
the CDU Library Website
• Peer reviewed journal articles are your best sources. Avoid non-refereed sources such
as editorials, monthly columns or non-refereed journals.
• Your reference list should contain a minimum of 5 quality journal articles no older than
10 years.
• Internet sites must be relevant and reputable, for example for this assessment the United Nation website would be appropriate, do not use sites like Wikipedia. Information gained from Internet sites varies greatly in depth and quality of content.

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