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Developing Web Application
Individual Assessment
March 2021
Individual Assessment:
Weightage: 25%
Report deadline: Week 12
This assessment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
LO1 Understand and apply the key features of advanced Web design and programming features (MVC and Razor)
LO2 Create a web application by using web server controls, event handlers, application state, and session state
LO3 Develop client-server applications with form validations using client-side scripting and server-side database connectivity
LO4 Analyze security requirements and build websites with authentication and authorization features
LO5 Enforce quality and reliability to debug, troubleshoot, deploy, and monitor Web applications
In this project, you are required to design and develop your own personal portfolio website. The labs will help you to acquire the basic knowledge to complete the website. It is highly recommended that you complete your lab work each week. You can also refer to online resources.
Web Requirements:
Develop a web application with ASP.NET MVC using C# and RAZOR & Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017. Your website should contain following pages
Home Page Requirements
• You should add a home controller in your project with having index view.
• The purpose of the website should immediately be clear from the home view.
o It must contain the short introduction of yourself and your career ambition. For Example: “John Carter”. Software Developer. I design and develop
ASP.NET web applications o A short paragraph (40-80 words) about your career ambition.
• Make this view more creative than rest of your views. Add images, visually appealing design.
• Try to reflect your style and personality. First impression count!
Contact Page Requirements
• Give this view an appropriate name. In this view you need to add a contact form.
• The form must contain the name, email, and comment fields.
• You must apply the appropriate validation rules on these fields to make sure that use have entered the correct email or name is not just numbers.
Requirements of five additional pages
• In addition to the home and contact pages, you are given creative freedom to design and develop the rest of your personal website yourself with only a few specific requirements, but you must have a portfolio page to show case your projects.
• You need to design and develop five more web pages for your personal website for a total of seven that specifically reflect the career focused purpose of the website.
• Some suggestions (but you may think of your own) are shown below:
o About, Achievements, Bio, Blog, Career, Design, Education, Experience, Gallery, Hobbies, Journal, Ideas, Photography, Portfolio, Testimonials, Travel.
Database Requirements
• In portfolio page you need to list your projects. These projects must include the project title, Year of completion, Company Name, Description.
• You need to create a database for storing each project details as shown below
Title Year of
Completion Company Description
Student Management System 2019 VIT I have developed the student record system where all students’ details are managed.
IoT based bushfire system 2018 AuGov In this system we have develop a wireless sensor network to detect bushfires in dense forest
Timetable Generation 2017 VIT I used a genetic algorithm to develop a automatic time table generation software
• And as a register user you can add, update, and delete the projects.
Submission Guidelines
• You need to put all explanation about the steps you took to create your application, and screenshots of your web application in one report (.doc/pdf) file.
• Submit all your code files and a report file in a zip folder on Moodle before the due date.
• Your submission folder name should be “Project_X_YY.doc” (where X is your name and Y is your student ID).
• The Late penalty applies on late submission, 10% per day would be deducted.
• Incidence of plagiarism will not be tolerated and would be penalized.
Marking Guide: 25 Marks
Task Description
Design Created appropriate webpages using MVC pattern as well as Razor and information is displayed according to the requirements
Database Create database with the mentioned tables, filled appropriate data, allow register user to edit, delete, add and see the details
Controls and
Event Handlers Appropriate web server controls, event handlers, application state, and session state have been used
Quality Enforce quality and reliability to debug, troubleshoot, deploy, and monitor web application

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