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MG930 Managerial Accounting
Individual Assignment
Required: Please write a report of 800-900 words to analyse and discuss what the management accountant of a company* can do to help the company during the COVID-19 pandemic.
• A brief introduction of the assignment (70ish words) and a brief conclusion (70ish words) are required.
• Basic information on the company is required (70ish words).
• In your discussion, please clearly indicate the potential management accounting tools/techniques that the management accountant could use.
• You may briefly explain the challenges or opportunities that the company faces when discussing what the management accountant can do.
*The company must be one of the following: British Airways PLC; Tesco PLC; Greggs PLC.
Please include the word count (main text, excluding references, figures, etc.) in your report (on the first page).
Font size 12; single space.
8ish references would be appropriate.
Suggested reading: textbook (e.g., Drury, 2019), annual reports (note the year end) of the firm, and relevant literature/news etc.
Please use your words in writing this report; turnitin score will be considered in marking.
Your views on this topic, your understanding and application of accounting, and the quality of the analysis will be evaluated and are crucial to your mark.
Other aspects: the clarity and quality of writing; referencing (academic); format as required.

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