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just only the design request.
Request For Design (RFD)
KCU Simulation Center, Kansas City, KS
Submission Deadline: 11/10/2021
Tarleton State University
1. Site Location and Description
This project is the construction of new simulation center at the existing Kansas City University School of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU) campus. The proposed building will be a four-story composite steel frame structure with the lowest level of the building partially below the grade. The building will be located on an existing vacant lot on the KCU campus north of the student activities center. The proposed building will be constructed within the southern portion of the site. Figure 1 shows the aerial site photo.

Figure 1 Historical Aerial Site Photo-June 2017
2. Soil Properties and Foundation
B-12 is a representative boring log for this site. The soil mainly includes three layers: Low plasticity clay, high plasticity clay, and limestone. The limestone is located at a depth of 35 ft. Auger cast pile was decided by the owner as the foundation with a diameter of 16 in. PSI was hired by KCU to determine the lateral load capacity of the auger cast pile with a diameter of 16 in. and a length of 35 ft. The allowable pile head deflection is 0.5 inch. (Allowable lateral load requirement by IBC 2018:
You may assume the laterally-loaded piles in this project are fixed head.
3. Design Requests
1) Parameters for lateral load capacity hand calculation
2) Hand calculation details
3) Recommended single pile lateral load capacity
4) Numerical modeling (when the lateral deflection is 0.5 inch and 1 inch, what are the lateral loads?)
4. Submission of Report
The report should include the following components:
(1) Hand Calculation Details
• Determination of soil properties and methods
• Details of hand calculation for lateral load capacity including used design charts
• Determination of single pile lateral load capacity
(2) Report Format
The report should follow the attached template.

CVEN 4325 Foundation Engineering
Real Project Design
Laterally-Loaded Pile Design
Kansas City University
Kansas City, KS
Engineer 1:
Engineer 2:
Engineer 3:
Submission Date: 11/10/2021
1. Background of This Project
2. Hand Calculations
Please numbered all equations
3. Numerical Modeling
• Soil properties
• Numerical model dimension
• Soil displacement counters when the pile head displacement is equal to 0.5 inch and 1 inch
4. Design Conclusions
• Summarize the hand calculation procedure
• What you have learned from this project?
5. Design Recommendation
What are the pile dimension and single pile lateral load capacity?
6. References
This section is optional. Please list all the references if you used.

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