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BSC 1005-Fall 2021-Midterm Name________________________
Instructions: Read all questions slowly and carefully. Answer all questions COMPLETELY for full credit. Follow All directions below.
-Questions should be answered in a minimum of 100-300 words and will require outside sources.
-Late submissions will be deducted by 50% Per day late up to 2 days before becoming a 0.
-When you provide an outside source, do so with in text citations and then provide mini-Works cited/Reference list below the question directly as shown in the following example. DO NOT MAKE A SEPARATE WORKS CITED PAGE.
-DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. Synthesize the information and put it in your own words, THEN CITE IT. Use of direct quotes and/or Lack of In-text Citations will automatically result in 50%-point deductions.
-Every time you make a factual statement you must support it with a source.
-A minimum of 2 sources must be used per questions. 3 or 4 may be necessary.
-Follow the examples for References written below and put each set of references directly below each answer they correspond to.
-Random .com or blog websites are not good sources, if using a website use, a .org or .gov website. Links to specific webpages must be provided.
- DO NOT USE or CK12 websites. These are not good sources. Additionally, if you are going to cite a text book… cite your own! NOT OpenStax.
-Wikipedia is a good source of references but cannot be cited. You may use it to find links to sources but cannot use it as a source itself.
-Your book may be a good source but may only be used once per question. Cite the page and chapter if used.
-You may use PowerPoints and notes to help flush out ideas, but these may not be used as citations.
- Spelling/Grammar and readability will count to an extent. Make sure to read it out loud before submitting it to check if it makes sense!
- If you have read all of these instructions, please write your initials after this line, and highlight them in yellow for a bonus point.
EXAMPLE QUESTION: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Wood chucks can chuck large quantities of wood in order to facilitate conversions of ecosystems into proper habitats for survival and reproduction (Gambino, 1987). Wood chucks are known to chuck wood at weights of approximately 50lbs per season in the winter, and 70lbs per season in the summer with variable amounts chucked in other periods (Scott and Sheeran, 1998). Thus, woodchucks chuck many different amounts of wood in their lifetimes which may contribute to their metabolic capacity (Simon et al., 2019).
Works Cited:
C.Gambino. 1987. Ecosystem requirements of Woodchucks in a pine forest. Journal of Woodland Science.
T. Scott, and E. Sheeran. 1998. The variable nature of woodchuck wood chucking.
Simon, Dickey, & Reece 2019. Campbell Essential Biology. Chapter 1.3.
1) What is Convergent Evolution? List and describe TWO DIFFERENT examples of modern-day organisms that show convergent evolution BE SPECIFC IN WHY THESE EXAMPLES SHOW CONVERGIENCE. (5p)
2) Darwin was one of the first naturalist to describe a functional mechanism for Evolution to occur. What was this mechanism, and how did it work? In class we discussed TWO other mechanisms for how evolution could occur in addition to Darwin’s theory. List and describe both of these mechanisms and provide an example of how they might occur (10p)
3) What are some sources of evidence DISCUSSED IN CLASS that were used to support the Theory of
Evolution? Provide at least 3 direct sources of evidence and describe how they support the theory
directly. Be sure to use outside resources that validate your claim (10p)
4) In order of their evolutionary appearance in the fossil record, list the 4 major groups of Plants we discussed in class. Then describe 1 unique characteristic of each displayed upon their emergence in the fossil record. THEN list an example of each… be specific. (IE don’t write Flower, or Tree as examples….). (Each need a citation!). (10p)
5) List Three Phyla (plural for Phylum) of Invertebrate/Non-Chordate Animals in order of Evolutionary their appearance in the fossil record that were discussed in class. Then for a fourth group, list one of the three from Ch 17 that were assigned as “Homework.” For reach of these four Phyla, describe 1 unique characteristic for each, the type of body cavity they have, and list the type of symmetry they show. Finally, List one specific example of animal in each listed Phylum (IE don’t list a *Sea Star* give me a specific TYPE of Sea Star... etc). (Each need a citation!) (10p)
6) Using the provided Organisms and Characteristics, correctly draw and label a Phylogenetic tree that displays proper relationships (10p)
A. Florida Panther B. Spiny Echidna C. Burmese Python
Dorsal Hollow Nerve Chord Dorsal Hollow Nerve Chord Dorsal Hollow Nerve Chord
Deuterostome Development Deuterostome Development Deuterostome Development
Bilateral Symmetry Bilateral Symmetry Bilateral Symmetry
Mammary Gland Mammary Gland Diapsid Skull
Mammary Papilla External Milk Secretion
D. Green Sea Urchin E. Apple Snail
Deuterostome Development Bilateral Symmetry
Bilateral Symmetry Protostome Development
Tube Feet
7) What is a Niche vs a Habitat? Define the difference between the two, then select a single species and describe what its actual niche is and its habitat. (5p)
8) Give two examples of Invasive Species that have been introduced into Florida. One must be an example from class, and another must be an example from independent research. Describe the impact that each have on native wildlife, humans, and or the environment as a whole and provide ideas for solutions/management. (10p)
9) Fill in the Blank Letters on the figure below with the correct number of survivorship curve. Then Underneath the figure describes each type of survivor ship curve AND provide an example of an organism. (10p)

10) Humans have caused a number of drastic changes to the environment and every ecosystem across the planet. Describe two of these major impacts that humans have had. Describe each in NO-LESS than 100 words. Including things like the negative impacts on humans, wildlife, resources, and the future of our planet may help you flesh out the idea (10p)
11) During a Helicopter Survey for Conservation Collier, you are tasked to calculate the density of American Alligators in the great Fakahatchee Strand. Your survey takes you over 85,000 acres of land. During your surveys your count 150,000 Adult Alligators. The county wants you to document the density of Alligators throughout the strand, calculate the number of Alligators per acre. THEN using outside resources explain whether you think this amount is a stable number, and what you believe it means for the population’s status. You can have varied opinions on this...but you must cite information
to support it! (10p)
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