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EDF5905 Assessment 1: Research paper on literacy and/or numeracy
Due date: Friday 1st April 2022 at 11.55pm
Word count/equivalent: 4000 words Weighting/Value: 50%
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes:
This task is designed to:
1. Develop in-depth understanding of the nature of early literacy and numeracy development in context of everyday life across families and cultures
2. Apply discipline knowledge and competency in literacy and numeracy to the education of young children
Details of task:
The aim of this assignment is to help you research literacy and numeracy teaching through observations of children’s learning in a particular context of your choice.
The context could be a home, playgroup, outdoor learning area, shopping centre or an Early Childhood Education and Care setting. If you choose to complete your observations at a childcare centre or preschool please ensure you gain centre approval and follow protocols regarding parental permissions.
You should observe children for a period of 45 minutes or over a number of smaller sequences adding to a total of 45 minutes.
Please note: Tutoring of young children after school is not an appropriate context.
Data collection tips and protocol
As a researcher you must take detailed observational notes, including details of conversations and interactions in the context of your choice, as data to support your reporting of the literacy and/or numeracy learning.
If photographs are included please ensure children are not identified and that permission for the use of images has been granted. These data should be presented in your report to illustrate your descriptions and included in appendices, as evidence of the research activity undertaken.
Written report
Your research report must address the following:
• The particular context in which the literacy and/or numeracy learning occurred for example, who were involved, the setting, and the background information leading to the literacy and numeracy learning scenarios.
• Describe the key literacy and/or numeracy learning components that occurred, detailing the specific activities observed and the concepts explored.
• The extent to which you perceive the literacy and/or numeracy activities that occurred enhanced, or not, the children’s learning.
• Substantiate your comments with reference to relevant curriculum frameworks and professional literature.
• Conclude your research report by providing some useful directions, based on your findings and professional reading, to support literacy and/or numeracy learning for young children.
Word count/equivalent: 4000 words Weighting/Value: 50%
Presentation requirements: The assignment should be written as an essay and must conform to APA 7th edition writing and referencing style.
Criteria for marking:
• You have provided details of the context for your observation and the children involved.
• You have described the activities observed and the key literacy and/or numeracy concepts explored.
• You have critiqued the activities observed and the extent to which the children’s learning was enhanced, giving evidence to support your views.
• You provide directions, based on your findings and professional reading, to support literacy and/or numeracy learning for young children.
• Your writing demonstrates a well-expressed, clearly proof-read and coherent development of ideas.
• You have used correct citation conventions and accurately recorded the bibliographic details of texts cited in your paper.
An assessment rubric will be available on Moodle.

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