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Assessment Task 3
The main roof truss of a resort is to be built using MGP12 grade seasoned radiata pine. The roof truss is shown in Figure 1.
The centre section of the bottom chord is subjected to a strength limit state tensile force of 10.2 kN due to permanent loads.
The self-weight of the truss in addition to other roof furniture contributes to a strength limit state bending moment in the member of 0.32kNm.
The nominal thickness of available timber for bottom chord is 35 mm. Commercially available depths are given in Table 1. Connections at the ends can be assumed to be through 2-M16 bolts, in 18 mm diameter holes for each bolt.
Based on strength limit state, design the most economical depth for highlighted member to meet the design loads.
Axial tension: factored permanent load =10.2kN Flexural: Factored permanent load = 0.32kNm
Location: Melbourne, Victoria.
Note that the lateral restraints are at the nodes only and due to diagonals and bracing between trusses.

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