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IN510- Assignment
Deal Or No Deal
Due date: 18th June at 5pm.
Value: 20%
Write a menu driven program that allows a user to set up and run a Deal or No Deal Game Show. The minimum requirements are a menu system that allows a user to:
1. Load the file DealOrNoDeal.txt and list all the contestants to the screen. Sort the data by last name. (This is a list of all the people in IN510, there are 45 people in the file)
2. Locate a player in the list and update their interest field. Save these changes back to the file.
3. Generate 10 finalists. Randomly generate 10 numbers; these numbers must range from 1 to the number of people in the file. You can not have duplicate numbers being drawn. Find and list the finalists.
4. Randomly select one person from these 10 to be the player.
5. Finish the game. This is your choice as to what happens next. – An explanation of the game can be found here: an example of the games here:
I will create a data file for you on the I: drive called DealOrNoDeal.txt. The first line for each person is their first name, the second line is their last name, and the third line is their interest.
To submit copy and paste the whole project folder system into
M:Assessments Swallow BoxIN510Programming1IN510 Assignment
Make sure the project is called yourname.
External documentation required:
• an activity diagram of one of your methods (this method must contain at least two structures)
• an activity diagram of the method that contains the menu system
• a list of extra features and any bugs
• a printout of your code
The program must use methods and an array of structs, it must contain a menu system and the program must include internal documentation (comments).

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