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• WAN Specification Report ?
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Task 2: WAN Specification Project
Assessment tasks
To achieve competency in this unit you need to successfully complete all assessment tasks:
• Task 1: Knowledge Questions
• Task 2: WAN Specification Project
Submission details
All tasks are to be submitted electronically via Canvas, with any required evidence attached.
Performance Objective
For this task, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to make a wide area network (WAN).
Assessment task description
For this task you will identify the best way computers and local area networks (LANs) can be connected to make a wide area network (WAN) for a case study organisation.
Assessment task introduction
The project includes two main sections: Procedure and Specifications. You are required to understand the difference between these sections:
• Procedure - this section describes all the requirements that are needed to be submitted step by step. You DO NOT need to answer in this part.
• Specifications - this section specifies what the student MUST include as part of the project. You are required to insert an object (a document) under each of the requirements. To be deemed ‘Satisfactory’ for this project, all the requirements under the Specifications need to be submitted and completed in accordance with Skills Australia Institute’s ‘Student Handbook’ (under ‘Training and Assessment’ section).

1. Carefully read the following scenario
Grow Management Consultants is a leadership consultancy business based in Sydney. Recently the company has expanded and set up another office in Brisbane. Due to the expansion, the company needs to implement a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect both branches through a leased VPN.
Currently the company uses computers with a Windows Operating System and Office 365. Files are currently shared via Dropbox but the company would like to move towards an Intranet system as part of the WAN.
The Sydney LAN includes one (1) network router and one (1) VPN edge router, 2 switches, two (2) DNS, mail server, wireless access point, firewall, ten (10) VoIP phones and content server and 50 computers. See Sydney Topology Diagram below
The following equipment will be installed in the Brisbane office.
• 45 Computers
• Wireless Network connecting a Wireless printer
• Network Printer and Scanner
• VPN Edge Router
Skype is also used for meetings with clients and internally. The Brisbane network must be secure access to the internet through a local ISP and resolve IP addresses locally. The VPN service will be used to access the content server in Sydney so that files can be shared between both LAN computers include videos (part of the company’s webinar offerings) and documents including text and images such as marketing materials.
The company requires a WAN network implemented through the use of a leased VPN service from a national Telco. The company’s budget for this is $30,000
LAN Design
(Sydney Diagram) WAN Specification Template WAN Configuration Document

2. You will need to access the following files to complete this assessment
Vendor product catalogues such as at:
a. Cisco:
b. FortiNet products:
c. Dlink:
e. Ubiquiti products /
3. Identify WAN needs and create a WAN specification
You are required to review the given network topology diagram for the existing office in Sydney. You also need to review the network requirements for the new office in Brisbane.
Based on your review of the network topology diagram and the requirements for Brisbane, you are required to develop a WAN Specification that includes:
• A description of the current LAN that is in place in each office. Give an analysis of the components in the LAN, and any improvements that can be made to the existing network.
• Your design topology for the Brisbane network which meets the network requirements outlined above. As part of the proposed solution you are required to identify the LAN, WLAN and VPN segments for the proposed WAN between Brisbane and Sydney. Make sure you identify the segment, as well as what should be included in each segment. Make sure you include any required additional network elements for Sydney network to make this design feasible.
• An explanation on how the company’s physical environment and business requirements impacted on the WAN design created, include the WAN functional matrix for your design.
• Your estimate of the bandwidth required according to the scenario information and based on expected traffic content and volume. You should also include the download and upload speed required for each branch site. Refer to the Telco Services Costing Document to select the most appropriate option for the main leased VPN and the backup VPN.
• An outline of the various components of the proposed WAN network and that includes the network components, network segment and functions. Use the table in the WAN Specification Template to document your answers. Ensure there are no single points of failure in your design.
• Vendor options and costs for each of the network components you are proposing (include at least three options).
• An outline of the most appropriate WAN design considering budget considerations, reliability, and bandwidth, refer to the Telco Networks Costing sheet.
• A design for redundant links in the proposed WAN connectivity for link backup purposes, in case the main link is disrupted.
Use the WAN Specification Template to document your report. Include the topological design of your network. Ensure you include screen shots of each part of the WAN design.
4. Document the configuration
• Document the WAN configuration for IP addresses in the Configuration Template
5. Submit the files to your Assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.

You must submit:
Assessment evidence Inserted document
• WAN Specification Report
• WAN Design Topology
• WAN Configuration Document
Your Assessor will be looking for:
Writing skills to develop material for a specific audience, using clear and detailed language to convey explicit information, requirements and recommendations
Numeracy skills to undertake complex functional calculus to develop a WAN functional matrix and to interpret numerical data to estimate traffic needs and calculate business expenses
Get the work done skills to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of principles, concepts, language and practices associated with the digital world, to use digital tools to access and organise complex data and analyse multiple sources of information for strategic purposes and to operate from a broad conceptual plan, developing the operational detail in stages, regularly reviewing priorities and performance during implementation, and identifying and addressing issues with reference to resource constraints