Recent Question/Assignment

Subject Title Career Planning & Strategy
Subject Code HRM220
Assessment Title Self-directed assessment of career aspirations
Learning Outcome/s 2 and 3
Assessment type Individual
Weighting 30%
Word count 1,000 (10% variation in word count allowed)
Due week Week 4: 23:59
Submission type Turnitin (no printed submission required)
Format / Layout of Assessment Essay:
ICMS Cover Page Introduction (very brief) Body
Conclusion Reference List
Appendix (Completed Knowdell Career Options Worksheet)
Assessment instructions • Write an essay covering both topics outlined below:
• You need to explore both parts to similar depth – hence the word count suggestion.
Part A: Career Development Theory (500 words)
• Choose one business/industry leader who you respect and admire, and review their career to date. Which career development theory(s) best fits their career path? Illustrate this by providing examples of things they have done that best support your argument.
• Thinking ahead to your future career, what career development theory(s) will you be applying to your career? Why? Give examples to support your argument.
• You must cover at least 2 career development theories in this part.
• A brief explanation of each chosen theory, based on academic research, is required.
Part B: Personal Values (500 words)
• Research 2 career options/jobs you are currently considering (different industries; different positions within a specific industry – whatever situation you find yourself in).
• Complete the “Knowdell Career Options Worksheet”, adding it as an appendix at the end of your essay
• Based on your completed worksheet, reflect on how your personal career values align (or not) with your different career/job options.
• Briefly explore how considering your personal career values can better inform your career decisions.
• In order to explore this section, you will need to complete the “Knowdell Career Options Worksheet”, which will be covered in class in week 2. This activity is also available on Moodle.
Readings for the assessment Wikipedia/personal sites/blogs may be used to explore your leader’s history Secondary research required when covering Career Development Theories (credible Academic sources – academic journals, textbooks, etc.) Referencing & Presentation: ICMS Style Guide (2019)