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1. Explain the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) box model. Include descriptions about margin, border, and padding along with examples in the explanation.
2. Explain why style sheets were created. Include in your response definitions of the following terms: style, Cascading Style Sheets, inline style, embedded style sheet, and external style sheet
3. What is the default line height of many font families and why is it important to know this?
4.Name the four CSS color systems and list the advantages and disadvantages of each
5. Explain a section element. Also, give an example of several section elements nested within an article element.
6. Explain an article element. Also, give an example of three article elements nested within a main element.
7. Explain in one’s own words the best practices to be considered when designing for mobile viewports
8. Discuss responsive design. Include the terms fluid layout, media queries, and flexible images in your response.

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