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Subject Code and Name SDM404: Service and Design Management
Assessment Case Scenario Review
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1000 words
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Understand the concept of Service concept, Service Quality Standards and Service Management strategies.
b) Critically analyse how the service concept affects the service quality standards and the service management strategies.
c) Assess a range of strategies for a Hotel to successfully execute a service concept and the underling Service Quality Standards.
Submission As advised by Academic Services
Weighting 100%
Total Marks Pass / Fail
The assessment task requires you to demonstrate a clear understanding of Service Concept and how the definition of it affects the Service Quality Standards. It aims to enable you to recognise how a service concept will determine which Service Quality dimensions are more relevant and which strategies should be put in place to be able to successfully bring to life the Service concept.
The task requires you to critically evaluate the service concept of K Barefoot Luxury resort, then recommend which Service Quality Dimensions are relevant to the concepts and which strategies of Service Management should be put in place to successfully bring to life the Hotel Service Concept.
To complete the task, you are required to apply theoretical knowledge to the hypothetical case study.
This assessment requires you to write a 1000-word case review proposal. The report should at minimum have the following:
- Reviews the hotel’s current service concept, and theoretically explain the importance of Service concept.
- List which Service Quality Standards are relevant to the service concept of K Barefoot Luxury Hotel. Theoretical support to your recommendations is required.
- Recommend Management Strategies that will allow K Barefoot Luxury achieved the desire Service Quality Standard and bring to life the initial Service Concept.
The attached feedback will help you understand the service concepts of K Barefoot Luxury and which Service Quality Dimensions are relevant.(File Attachments 1 and 2).
The structure of the report should be as follows:
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Hotel concept analysis
• Relevant Service Quality Dimensions
• Proposed Service Management Strategies
• Conclusion
• Reference List
Students will be assessed according to:
• Criteria set in the marking rubric
• Demonstration of critical thinking and application of theories, conceptual models and academic literature with relevance and accuracy
• Referencing skills and meeting the minimum requirement for academic references
Case Scenario for Assessment 1 (including data files):
K Barefoot Luxury is Located in Kangaroo Island, the 25- Luxury boutique hotel is located beside a natural park and overlooking the ocean. The hotel offers 25 individual eco luxury tents, a spa, restaurant and a common area with pool and bar. The hotel offers helicopter transportation from Adelaide, private jet transportation from Sydney and Melbourne, or luxury van from KI airport. The hotel is a favourite of luxury leisure travellers that are looking a place to escape from the busy life. Its Executive Team comprises of the General Manager, Director of Marketing, Revenue Manager, Director of Retail/Other Operations, Director of Food & Beverage and Director of Rooms.

File Attachment One and Two– Service Levels (Guest/Customer/staff feedback)
“The shop lacks of product variety and doesn’t have any local products to support local businesses.”
“As the hotel is isolated in a remote location in Kangaroo Island, there are no enough entertainment options. A diverse range of tours to enjoy the local attractions will be appreciated. “
“The hotel check in and arrival experience is great. We were welcomed at the airport, helped with our bags, explained
all about Kangaroo Island in the way to the hotel and arrived directly to our room”
“ The hotel’s food and beverage offer is great, but lacks of local produce and wines. As an International leisure visitor I wanted to experience everything from the local produce and there was a limit amount of local wines and spirits.
The food menu was mainly done around international dishes.”
“Loved the daily Yoga activities and the Spa treatments. The price is a little high for massages and Yoga should be complementary”
“ The hotel was extremely generous in providing us with an upgraded room to a suite , which was perfect for our anniversary. They added memorable touches to the room and the best part was that everyone remembered our names”
“The restaurant is highly recommended by me! It has good ambience, capable and attentive staff in the service area. There were no many options for specific dietaries requirements and for a fourth night stay, the food was repetitive.
“Housekeeping is not at all efficient nor spontaneous. There were delays in the picking-up of our laundry and in returning it on a same day service. They did not return to tidy up our room even when we hang the ‘Please Tidy Room’ sign outside our door. We had to call them from our room to get it done. And I thought they trained in their
jobs as expected of a hotel of this type.” - Maddy Jones
“The view of the hotel is impressive, one of the most beautiful I have seen. There is a lack of food and
beverage offerings outside the main meals hours. “
“The hotel was courteous by introducing us to a guest relations manager who could communicate with us in our
dialect as English was not our mother tongue. Very pleasant stay and would recommend this hotel to our friends, the welcome amenity was unsatisfactory as we expected a local touch and not an European wine.
The SPA treatments are limited and didn’t include local specialities such as Liguria Honey massage, beach massage, etc. It felt like a standard city SPA. The room was lovely and the view impressive. A fire pit in the room will be great for the cold nights.
“We should have involved the local community in. Numerous activities in the hotel, such as supplying local produce, welcome amenities and local tours.”
“There is lack of staff during off peak hours to be able to offer the premium services that our guests required”
“We work well with our departmental manager as he demonstrates leadership qualities and consistently provides valuable, constructive feedback on our performance. We can be inspired to do the same if opportunity to participate in specific training programs like “Training the Trainer”
“As a small boutique Hotel, it is important that all staff is aware of what is happening, customers profiles and specific requirements. There should also be cross training to improve empowerment and service quality”.
“Has anyone heard from management on the results of the recent Guest Stay Survey? We know that this is undertaken on a regular basis but there is no communicating back to us so that on how satisfying our service delivery were to our guests. Hope someone looks into this quickly! ”
“The true dynamics of teamwork is sadly missing. At the grassroot level, I see little in-team communication and collaboration and this is evident at the restaurant where I work.”
“Having an empowerment policy that doesn’t give us much guidance nor discretion nor guidance on how to implement is much of a dud to us. Our managers are quite protective of their turf and hence not comfortable with disempowering themselves. We find it frustrating when we are questioned of our decisions and embarrassing to go back on our word with the customer! This is
“The recruitment system is a joke – they are simply not the right people to fit into the role they are employed for. Lacking in ‘hard’ and ‘sop’ talents, my colleagues are showing ‘cracks’ in their competence to perform. The SoPs do not offer much guidance because they are lacking in content and most do not specify clear steps in executing service processes. We were not given
“The hotel uniforms aren’t design accordingly to the level of the hotel, they aren’t comfortable and
they don’t differentiate between different staff levels or departments.
All referencing must be in accordance with the Academic Writing Guide: APA 7th Edition on SharePoint.
It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here in the Academic Writing Guide found via the Academic Skills website.
Student must refer in text and in an associated reference list, to a minimum of 7 academic sources, plus others as required in order to show competency in the assessment. Up to three of these can be academic textbooks, with a minimum of four academic journal articles. Blogs and other unverifiable sources will not count as references.
Submission Instruc.ons:
1. Submit your individual report in Word document to Turnitin by a deadline as advised by Academic Services.
2. Students must refer, in text and in an associated reference list, to a minimum of 7 academic sources, plus others as required in order to show competency in the assessment. Up to three of these can be academic textbooks, with a minimum of four academic journal articles. Blogs and other unverifiable sources will not be counted as references.
3. Use font Time Roman, Arial or Calibri, size of 11-12, at one and half line spacing.
4. All referencing must be in accordance with APA 7th Edition Referencing and Academic Writing Guide.
5. A Torrens University cover sheet is to be a^ached with the submission to Turnitin.
6. Essential that you view the marking rubric for this assessment and remember you do not need to a^ach this rubric to your submission.
Academic Integrity
All students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriately referenced and academically written according to the Academic Writing Guide. Students also need to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure and subsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are viewable online.
Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.
Assessment Rubric
Criteria Fail
0-49% Pass
50-64% Credit
(Proficient) 65-74% Distinction
75 -84% High
(Exceptional) 85-100%
Research and Either no Literature is Clear evidence Able to critically Has developed
use of evidence of presented and appraise the and justified
literature/ literature being uncritically, in a application of literature and using own ideas
evidence of consulted or purely readings theory gained based on a
reading irrelevant to descriptive way relevant to the from a variety of wide range of
20% the assignment and indicates subject; sources, sources which
set. limitations of uses indicative developing own have been
(0-14%) understanding. texts ideas in the thoroughly
(15-18%) identified. process. analysed, applied
and discussed. (26-30%)
Knowledge of Inaccurate or Selection of Most key Insightful and Assignment
theory inappropriate theory is theories are appropriate demonstrates
20% choice of appropriate included in the selection of integration and
theory. but some work in an theory in key innovation in
(0-9%) aspects have appropriate areas. the selection and
been missed or straight- (15-16%) handling of
misconstrued. forward theory.
manner. (13-14%)
Analysis and Fails to analyse Attempts to Can Can effectively Can critically
critical case analyse case satisfactorily analyse case analyse novel
interpretation information. information analyse case information; can and/or abstract
30% (0-9%) using given study using a apply major data and case
theoretical range of theories and situations using a
classification / theoretical compare wide range of
principles. classification / alternative techniques
(10-12%) principles. methods/ appropriate to
(13-14%) techniques for the topic and
analysis. theoretical
principles. (17-20%)
SDM 404_Assessment Brief 1 _Individual Report Due Week 6
Reviewed: March 2021
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Conclusion Unsubstantiate Limited Evidence of Good Analytical and
and d/invalid evidence of conclusion and development of clear
ion conclusion and conclusion and recommendatio conclusion and conclusion and
recommendati recommendati ns grounded in recommendation recommendation
20% ons based on ons supported theory/ s shown with s well-grounded
anecdote and by theory/ literature. summary of in theory and
generalisation literature. (13-14%) arguments literature showing
only, or no (10-12%) based in theory/ development of
conclusion at literature. new concepts.
logical flow and
10% Poor report formatting, lack of flow and presentation quality.
Incorrect citing. None and/or very poor reference list in report and/or academic reference material. (0-4.4%) Report formatting, logical flow and presentation quality to a minimal level. Incorrect citing. Poor reference list in report and/or academic reference material. (4.5-6.4%) Report formatting, logical flow and presentation quality to a competent level.
Appropriate citing and reference list in report and/or academic reference material moderately good but with some errors. (6.5-7.4%) Very effective report formatting and presentation quality. Good citing in-text and logical flow.
Minimal mistakes for reference list in report and/or academic reference material meeting requirement (7.5-8.4%) Extremely well formatted report with high presentation quality. Excellent citing in-text Excellent formatting of reference list in report and/or academic reference material. (8.5-10%)
SDM 404_Assessment Brief 1 _Individual Report Due Week 6
Reviewed: March 2021
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