Recent Question/Assignment

Format: Short Essay (min. 1000 words and max. 1500 words Times Roman 12, 1.5 spaced, excluding cover page)
Instruction: select a newspaper article or news clip (television or radio) on a controversial and topical political issue (must be chosen from publication date within a one year period).
Kindly submit a reflection of the article/news clip with the following considerations in mind:
§ An introduction of the current and controversial topic
§ Central and Critical Effort: An analysis of the political issue(s) in the article/news clip. Students must explore any concurring or opposing views they have and/or how the political issue may affect the Jamaican populace/system. Use the information/theories learned in class to analyze this issue.
§ An analysis of the positions, motivations and/or objectives of the authors/speakers in the articles or news clip. For example, what are the viewpoints of others? Is the author/speaker unbiased?
§ A discussion of how the issues outlined in the article/news clip affected you as the reader/listener? Did the views impact your political perception of the Jamaican political process? Did the author’s/speaker’s view change or reinforce your own political views?
Essays should be accompanied by a Reference/Bibliography. No less than 3 sources should be used. Wikipedia and online dictionaries are not sources. Please refer to notes on plagiarism.
APA format to be used.
References should be made to at least 2 Caribbean states, even if focus is on one main state.