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Assignment Three: Project Report
Weighting: 70%
To report your findings and lesson learned from your project.
Learning outcomes being assessed
The ability to prepare and report findings from the project including the ability to establish a clear link between research aim, objectives, questions, methodology and results, discussion and conclusions.
Project report supplemented with appropriate appendices. It is difficult to give general guidelines for the headings in the final report. See the reading included in the unit 8 on how to report your project. You should aim for a report of around 5000 - 6000 words in the body text, but the length depends on the project.
Report the findings from your project in the form of a report supplemented with appropriate appendices.
One of the appendices should include what you yourself find you have learned from conducting this project and how it contributes to your continuous professional development.
Example of Report structure:
• Front page (with title, names and student numbers, year, paper number and title)
• Abstract/Executive summary (optional)
• Content page
• Introduction (why is this important, what do we already know and what do we
not know).
• Literature review (if not included in the introduction)
• Project question and Aim
• Project design and method (be specific)
• Findings (what did you find. Do not just discuss what you found but present what you found)
• Discussion (what do your findings mean in relation to answering your question and in relation to what others have found?)
• Conclusion (answer your question)
• Recommendations (if you have any)
• References
• Appendices (including one page on each person’s learning from conducting the project)
NB: Please submit this assignment in a Microsoft Word format.
Readable when printed on A4 paper.
If you have tables that needs to be printed on A3 paper to be readable please insert them in the report and in addition submit them as a separate file (remember to have name(s) and Student number(s) on all submissions).