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ASSESSMENT 3 – Case Study, Policy development & Observation
This is to be used for assessing students via the method of Scenario based questions.

Unit Code : SITXCCS008 Unit name: Develop and Manage quality customer service
Elements assessed : 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5,2.12.3,2.4,2.5,2.6,3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5,3.6
Lecturer/Trainer : Neil D Rungassamy
Student Name :
Student No : Date Due : Date Received :
? Assessment is in two parts. Each task must be completed to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment.
Case Study
Mr and Mrs Jones were looking forward to celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in style and had great plans for their special evening. Mr Jones decided to book a table for two for dinner at the recently refurbished “Cape Lighthouse”, a restaurant with commanding views over the Coral Sea. To ensure a nice table with views for this occasion, Mr Jones had contacted the restaurant 2 months prior to make a reservation with a male staff member who appeared to be very professional. The booking was then confirmed by telephone with Alex, a waitress, 1 week prior to the booked date.
On their anniversary Mr and Mrs Jones arrived at the restaurant; however they found there was no booking in their name. Staff were unable to locate any booking information. Mr Jones was asked whom he had spoken to, to make the reservation and provided the details of staff; however this was somehow shrugged off and they were asked to wait at the entry to “see whether a table could be arranged”.
As it was a Friday night the restaurant was very busy. Mr and Mrs Jones had to wait 15 minutes before they finally were led to a small table the back of the restaurant near the kitchen doors.
After a further 15 minutes they were attended to by a drink waiter who took their order for an aperitif. The Joneses placed their food and wine order and their entrees arrived after 30 minutes. The white wine to go with the entrees did not arrive and the drinks waiter seemed to ignore their eye contact.
The main course for Mr Jones arrived within 5 minutes after the entrees had been cleared, however Mrs Jones’ meal did not arrive for another 20 minutes.
Mrs Jones was very upset with the service and was almost on the verge of leaving.
When Mr and Mrs Jones went to pay the cheque on their way out, Mrs Jones was expecting an apology from the restaurant staff with regards to their booking and the delay in the service, unfortunately no one was around even to talk about it.
Mr and Mrs Jones decided that this was the last visit ever at this establishment. They definitely would tell their family and friends about their dining experience at “Cape Lighthouse”.
Your task: Address each of the following questions relating to the case study.
1. Identify Mr and Mrs Jones’ customer needs and expectations in this case study. What would a customer expect not only on an important occasion like the mentioned anniversary but on each occasion when visiting an establishment?
2. What could be the likely effects of this incident for the business and custom down the track if the customer service issues are not addressed?
3. You are the General Manager of the Cape Lighthouse and the experience of Mr and Mrs Jones has come to your attention.
You are determined to make contact with the customer to attempt to resolve the issue and achieve a positive outcome. Draft a letter which clearly outlines the steps you will undertake to contact Mr and Mrs Jones and how you will try to solve the issues. (This could be used as guidance for a telephone conversation for contact).
4. Considering Mr and Mrs Jones’ recent experience, it is important to assess if there are recurring issues with customer service at the Cape Lighthouse. How will you determine if this is a one-off issue or if there are persistent problems? Outline your approach.
1 You are required to develop a policy and procedures for each of the following problem areas which were evident:
a. Bookings
b. Staff Presentation
c. Greeting / Hosting
d. Customer Service Procedures for Service (Orders, timelines, attendance)
e. Dealing with complaints
Each policy needs to include:
o The policy name
o The aim or purpose
o The details of what is included
o The procedures included to achieve the purpose
o What are the requirements to train staff to be able to perform the procedures?
o How will this policy and its effectiveness be monitored and evaluated?
o To whom will this policy be made available? How?
2 Observations
You will be observed over four service periods, how you:
A. Implement developed policies and procedures
B. Communicate requirements with staff
C. Monitor service provisions and manage these efficiently
D. Evaluate each service instance and incorporate feedback into the next instance.
You are required to write a brief summary for each service instance, clearly outlining:
1. What worked well
2. What needs improvement
3. How you have evaluated each policy you have implemented
4. How was staff involved for the purpose of evaluation
5. How you will implement each identified change required into the following service instance.
Provide each summary to your trainer prior to each service instance. Your implementation of procedures and requirements you have identified in each instance will be part of the assessment of your performance.
Details of the nature of the major tasks for each service period should be provided in the table below.
Instance Date Duration from ... to... Tasks to be completed
What will be observed? Evaluation summary completed
Service Period
e.g Breakfast 08/01/19 Details: 7am-8am
Policies and procedures implemented and followed: Staff presentation policy 1.0 Are the staffs representing a positive image of the restaurant
2.0 Are they neat and professional with appearance?
Service Period 1:
Policies and procedures implemented and followed:
Service Period 2:
Policies and procedures implemented and followed:
Service Period 3:
Policies and procedures implemented and followed:
Service Period 4:
Policies and procedures implemented and followed:
3 Role-play : Customer dispute
You are a restaurant manager in Quinlan restaurant. Your main responsibilities are managing the wait staff and front-of-house staff and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Organisational procedures for handling customer complaints are as follows.
• Step 1: Apologise to the customer and identify what the problem is.
• Step 2: Try to resolve the customer’s problem by rectifying their issue. Service staff have the authority to offer the following.
• Modify orders to incorporate customer requests within reason (i.e., not requiring undue time and expense).
• Replace food or beverages to the value of $100.
• Offer alternative food or beverages to the value of $50 more than the original order.
• Step 3: If unable to successfully resolve a customer’s problem, inform the supervisor or manager. Provide details of all the issues and offers made to the customer when attempting to resolve the issue.
• Step 4: Manager/supervisor can resolve the complaint and is able to provide free food, beverages, vouchers or hotel credits and a formal written apology.
• Step 5: If the issue is still unresolved with the customer, then the item is escalated to the hotel manager or an external body.
There are three participants in this role-play:
1. The restaurant manager
2. The head waiter
3. The customer.
Simulated environment resources
• Desk to simulate front desk/counter
• Bill
Task 1: Conduct role-play
Learner instructions
It is lunchtime and you are talking with the chefs in the kitchen when you hear a loud angry voice at the front desk. It sounds like an irate customer. You then hear your head waiter also raising their voice. You quickly get to the front desk to try and resolve the issue.
• During this role-play, you are required to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge.
• Use questioning and listening techniques to determine the customer’s needs or concerns.
• Use clear communication with the staff member.
• Take responsibility for service outcomes and dispute resolution.
• Recognise and resolve customer problems or delays and deficiencies in customer service.
• Complete the role-play.
Task 2: Question and answer
Q1: How would you assess the effectiveness of the customer service provided by the head waiter?
Q2: Was the dispute resolution process provided by the head waiter effective? Why/why not?
Q3: What changes would you make to customer service and dispute resolution procedures as a result of this incident?
Q4: How do you act as a positive role model for professional standards expected of hospitality industry personnel?

Role-play : Customer dispute
Did the learner successfully demonstrate evidence of their ability to do the following? Assessor comments Completed
Yes No
Student Name;
The learner recognised and resolved the customer’s problem.
Recognised that it was the head waiter’s error and that there was a double entry of the main on the bill.
Rectified the problem to the customer’s satisfaction in line with own level of responsibility.
Took responsibility for service outcomes and dispute resolution.
Corrected the head waiter and asked them to apologise to the customer.
Acted as a positive role model for professional standards expected of hospitality staff.
Gained feedback from the customer on how to improve customer service practices.
Trainers Notes