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Each student is required to produce three assignments in the form of:
1. Assignment 1-Review of child Protection Case Study
2. Assignment 2-Creation of a policy and procedure document
3. Project-Historical account of the main developments in the childcare sector and discussion on a social policy
All three assignments must be printed off and presented together in a folder with each assignment separated and clearly introduced.
A submission sheet must be printed off, completed and placed at the front the folder.
Brief: Assignment 1-Review of Child Protection case study
The learner will conduct a detailed review of the attached child protection case study with particular attention being made to theory, legislation and current child protection policies. Based on the review of the case study the learner will make recommendations and develop policies and procedures to
Assessment Brief
Course: Early Childhood Care and Education Part 2
Module: Social, Legal and Health Issues
Assessment Title: Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Project Weighting: 20%
Briefing Date:
Due Date:
Submit to: Distance Learning, Portobello Institute, 43 Lwr. Dominick St., Dublin 1
• Written assessments must be formatted in Times New Roman font (size 12), 1.5 line-spacing, with the Assessment Submission Form (available on Moodle) completed and attached to the front of your work.
• Written assessments must be submitted by the student, in person, as hard copy (i.e. not a memory stick, CD or email) unless otherwise stated in this brief. Oral based assessments will be video recorded if stated in this brief.
• Assessments must be submitted by the ‘Due Date’; failure to do so may result in NIL being recorded as the mark.
• It is the student’s responsibility to retain a copy of their work in the event that the college requests an additional copy.
• Please use the Harvard Referencing System to reference work that is not your own and to identify your sources of information.
Acts of plagiarism or malpractice may result in NIL being recorded as the mark and disciplinary action being taken by the college.
ensure the child is protected and to deal with child protection issues.
Case Study Child Protection SCENARIO
John Murphy is four years old; he has been attending the childcare setting in which you are employed for the past year. John’s mother Mary is 21 years old and lives with John’s father, Patrick Black. John is brought to the setting by his mother and collected by Patrick Black who cares for him until his mother gets home from work.
In the past you have noticed that John is often dirty and unwashed when he comes to the setting, his clothes are very dirty and often smell. You have spoken to his mother about this but she blamed him
for not being able to stay clean. When there was an outbreak of head lice in the setting John’s mother was the last to administer treatment and she only did so when you threatened to remove John from the setting.
Recently a number of staff members have come to you and have voiced their concerns about John and his mother. A number of staff have told you that John is very withdrawn and is reluctant to join in with
the other children, he can often be found staring into space. You have had to send for Mary on two
separate occasions when John was too sick to stay in the setting; you feel he was too unwell to be brought in, in the first place. When you explained this to Mary she got defensive and was very annoyed.
The latest observation records for John shows that there are concerns about his emotional, social and language development. On a number of separate occasions in the past few months staff have noticed fresh bruises on John’s upper arms and across his back, when queried John says ‘daddy smacked me because I was bold.’ He began to cry and got very upset. When the bruises were pointed out to Mary (his mother) she said ‘he is always falling.’
The review of the case study should consider the following points:
? Brief introduction acknowledging the importance of child protection referencing relevant theory, policy, guidelines and legislation
? How you reviewed the case study
? A short overview/summary of the case study.
? Causes for concern correctly identified
? Description of appropriate action to be taken in the short, medium and long term

? Based on the review of the case study what recommendations would you propose for a facility experiencing this issue
? What policies and procedures on child protection should be put in place in the childcare setting
? Include completed sample copy of Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Form (available on
2000 words +/-10%
Marks are awarded in the following areas:
? A detailed review of the case study with accurate identification of needs 7
? A thorough description of actions required in the short, medium and long term 7
? Accurate completion of a sample record 2
? Critical evaluation with recommendations 3
? Organised & Well Structure 1
Total 20 marks
Brief: Assignment 2-Creation of a policy and procedure document
The learner is required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity by drawing up a policies and procedures document for an early years setting
This assignment should consider the following points:
? Give an overview of the legislation relating to equality in the childcare environment
? Introduce, define and explain the terms-Equality, Policy and Procedures
? The benefits of a policy and procedure document in the childcare setting
Create a policy and procedures document using correct format and layout identifying:
The name and logo of an imagery setting
The three policies and procedures to be discuss are:
1. Admissions Policy
2. Recruitment Policy
3. Inclusion Policy
Reflection on personal and professional learning
Marks are awarded in the following areas:
? A set of policies and procedures for an early years setting, clearly set out and including comprehensive content and aesthetically pleasing; 10
? Adherence to relevant National Legislation and Guidelines, Organised & Well Structured 10
Brief: Project-two essays. One on the historical developments of the childcare sector and a chosen social policy
Essay 1-The learner is to research and briefly outline the main historical developments of the childcare sector in Ireland since 1938. This essay can be presented in a timeline format.
Essay 1 must be presented as a written document of 2000 words +/-10%
Essay 2-The learner is to select one social policy for detailed discussion in the assignment.
? The learner is to select, investigate and analyse a social policy in relation to children, their family, their health or the Early Childhood Care & Education Sector .
? The learner will be expected to create a detailed critical evaluation of findings from research and to include logical conclusions and personal learning findings.
Essay 2 must be presented as a written document of 2000 words +/-10%.
Marks are awarded in the following areas for both essays:
? Evidence of planning and preparation; 10
? Historical essay-correct identification of historical developments in the childcare sector 10
? Social policy essay-in relation to children, their family, their health or the Early Childhood Education and Care sector selected and clearly presented, Conclusions, recommendations and personal learning findings clearly presented, Detailed investigation, analysis and evaluation from the research findings; 30
? Document formatted and professionally presented 10
Total marks 60