Recent Question/Assignment

1. Identify a company which is a major service provider for any of the mass marketed services in Bahrain operations and prepare an assignment on the following lines:
a. The title of the assignment would be “An analysis of the STP Strategies used to promote their Brand in the Covid19 situation (Any Retail/ Export House from Bahrain).
b. A brief history about the company. Products which the company markets in the Bahrain market.
c. Please do a STP analysis of the Export house with respect to the company’s Segmentation, Targeting and Promotion Strategy, provide a justification in terms of its appropriateness
d. Suggest changes in the Segmentation, Targeting and Promotion Strategy of the company to make its business better.
Things must be included in the assignment report:
? A brief history about the company, description of products: Complete history with records are given with full documentation.
? STP analysis of the markets and appropriateness of the Marketing Mix: Issues related to (STP Analysis) the environmental scanning with problems appropriately given and tools of analysis to diagnose the issues and problems.
? Suggested changes in the Promotion Mix: Knowledge of issues related to suggested changes in the marketing mix, includes details and relevant data and information; extremely well-organized.