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You are required to write 2500 words (+/- 10%) Needs analysis report, resulting in a field-based testing battery for your chosen sport. The testing battery must focus on the measurement of the key (4-5 main components) performance (physiological, biomechanical) priorities of your chosen sport. Use references from text books and peer-reviewed journal articles throughout.
In this report, you will need to include the following sections:
Description and overview of the key performance indicators (performance determinants) of your chosen sport (approximately 800-850 words).
A physical needs analysis (approximately 800-850 words) of your chosen sport, focusing on areas such as:
Key physical abilities (physical determinants) that need to be tested in the sport and why they are important to achieve the performance determinant.
Include a flow diagram (see lecture) to support your written descriptions
Outline your field-based testing battery and what the tests are designed to measure (include information on the tests’ validity and reliability) (approximately 800-850 words).

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