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Part 2
Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting of the Findings (30 Marks)
Part 2 Due Date: 10th August 2021
Assignment 1, Part 1, provides the experience of designing a qualitative study. In Assignment 1, Part 2, you are required to collect and analyze data for the study you designed and proposed in Assignment 1, Part 1. You are required to describe the process and experience of the data collection, and how you analyzed the data by coding, looking for patterns, and developing appropriate themes. You are also required to report and discuss the findings of the study.
The following is a guide for Assignment Part 2:
? Collect data; keep a journal to record your experience of data collection
? Write a description of the data collection process and experience
? Analyze data; keep a journal to record your experience of data analysis
? Explain the process of data analysis, including personal reflections on the process
? Report the findings from data analysis, using supporting evidence from data
? Discuss and interpret the findings
You are required to submit samples (3 to 5 pages) of your field notes and transcripts. You may be asked to clarify and defend your assignment orally. The paper you hand in should be an original piece of work. The length of the paper should not
exceed 4000 words (font size 12-point). The assignment should adhere to the current American Psychological Association’s (APA) formatting standards/guidelines for academic writing. Please be reminded that plagiarism in any form will be considered a serious academic offense

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