Recent Question/Assignment

Task-1: Network Configuration
Marking guide lines:
• Design an efficient IP addressing plan: 4 marks
o Note that you need to spare IP addresses for the management LAN.
o Use this guideline to help you with this task:
• Correct administrative configuration and secure device access: 4 marks
o Configure device name, access banner, domain-lookup
o Configure and secure all device access passwords
o Disable all unused ports
• Configure all required device interfaces with appropriate IP addresses and meaningful descriptions and assign IP addresses to all PCs in the network: 2 marks
• Configure IP routing and verify the network connectivity and fix any issues: 4 mark
o Configure OSPF routing for the network
o Verify the network connectivity with ping.
• Backup all device configuration to a TFTP server in the head quarter: 1 mark
o Configure a TFTP server in the HQ
o Issues commands to backup all device config to the TFTP server.
Task-2: Network Management
Marking guide lines:
• Design the high-level physical layout for the lab to show the cabling structure and equipment rack and export it to a JPEG or PDF file. (4 marks)
• Modify the current network to add the management network (6 marks)
o Create the management interface for the switches (VLAN99) and assign IP addresses to all routers and management interfaces (2 marks)
o Allocate a dedicate physical management port on each switch an assign the management port to VLAN99 (1 mark).
o Connect the management port to a physical interface of the local router (1 mark).
o Configure the router interface and modify the network routing to allow to connect to the management network (2 marks).
• Configure SNMPv2 on each network devices and deploy a network management station at the head quarter to manage the whole network. (3 marks)
o Create a network management station in the head quarter to manager the network. Assign IP address to the station (1 mark).
o Configure a MIB browser on the management station to access the device management information (2 marks).
• Record YouTube video to demonstrate that you can manage the devices (2 marks)