Recent Question/Assignment

ASSIGNMENT 1 Students to produce a 5-minute audio visual presentation about clinical leadership. Reflect upon your personal experiences where a nurse clinician displayed leadership attributes or not (eg communication, delegation, advocacy, motivating and inspiring attributes). Explore this through applying relevant leadership theory and support from contemporary literature.
Purpose: Using familiar technology, you are required to design and produce a 5-minute audio visual presentation which relates to leadership expectations for registered nurses. This will be done by the student applying relevant leadership theory to an observed example(s) of health care practice from a previous clinical placement experience, where leadership attributes were either displayed or not. You will submit this assessment in the format of a narrated PowerPoint with notes/script embedded. You will explore what characteristics of clinical leadership were evident in the example and support these with evidence from contemporary literature. The narrated PowerPoint should be no more than 12 slides (including 1 for References) and no more than 5 minutes of narration.
Reflection Assignment (via an oral technology-based format) Audio visual presentation that will enable students to articulate their understanding of Clinical Leadership in practice by recording themselves describing a reflection about their own or a witnessed clinical leadership event.