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Need cisco packet tracer 8.0.1 to open the file that is included in the question.
Task Description In this assignment, you will complete two tasks.
Task 1: Network troubleshooting
In this task, you will continue to manage the Cisco Academy lab network at Southern Cross University. You were reported that students using the lab had experienced some issues with the network connectivity. In particular, some students reported that they no longer can access the server SRV-1 in the HQ network. You know that there was a network maintenance task carried out before the connectivity issue was reported.
As a network administrator, you are required to find and fix the network issue. To complete this task, you
• Develop a plan to troubleshoot the network issue. The plan will clearly specify the troubleshooting approach and explain why you select the approach. The plan also provides a step-by-step troubleshooting process, what should be tested and documented in each step, and the next step one should take based on the test result.
• Perform troubleshooting using the developed plan and fix the issues. You will be given a Packet Tracer file to use in task 1.
Task 2: Network baselining.
In this task you will perform baselining for your home network to see if it needs an upgrade. In particular, you
• Develop a baselining schedule for your home network which specifies the network parameters to be measured and the time to conduct each measurement. Explain why you select those parameters and the measurement times.
• Perform baselining according to the plan and record the measurement results. Visualise the measurement results using graphs.