Recent Question/Assignment

You are going to build a website. The point of this assignment is to demonstrate your competency in the areas outlined in this course - so your site is going to have to demonstrate your skills in:
the use of APIs and JSON
modern design including responsive design and media queries
server-side technologies such as Node.js
development tools such as VS Code and Git
workflows/best practices when it comes to development, such as research, handling errors and continuous work on your site over the semester
You will choose the topic of the website... your coach will provide the design that you will reproduce with your content. There are no explicit requirements - that is, there is no checklist of things to include - you will include enough content in your site to demonstrate your competencies. You will continuously seek feedback on your site throughout the semester to know if you are effectively demonstrating competency or not. Your coaches will also negotiate new features with you throughout the semester to ensure your site is comprehensive enough.
Milestone schedule:
There are no required milestones or due dates that any part of your site needs to be completed by. You are encouraged to work continuously and at the pace you feel comfortable with. However, as a guide, below is a suggested milestone schedule if it helps you plan your time. This is broken into 2-weekly sprints.
SPRINT 1 (week 1 & 2)
Basic HTML structure completed.
All pages planned and basic navigation implemented.
Basic CSS/styling completed.
SPRINT 2 (week 3 & 4)
Content planned - initial JSON structure planned or API selected for use.
Style improvements - responsive design - media queries etc.
SPRINT 3 (week 5 & 6)
Dynamic loading of JSON or API data/dynamic creation of content.
AJAX implemented for asynchronous data loading.
SPRINT 4 (week 7 & 8)
Further design enhancements/refinements - integration of Bootstrap?
Some interactive UI/UX elements - JavaScript (navbar? side panel?)
SPRINT 5 (week 9 & 10)
Server set up.
Basic server functionality implemented.
Pages re-written as templates?
SPRINT 6 (week 11 & 12)
Data moved to server-side? API written?
Server enhancements - routing?
SPRINT 7 (week 13 & 14)
Advanced JavaScript UI/UX functionality? ('fancy' features?)
jQuery integration?
SPRINT 8 (week 15 & 16)
Final refinements