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Assessment 1: A matter of perspective
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Intent: To explore different perspectives on the Australian healthcare system.
This assessment task addresses the subject learning objectives A and C:
• A. Appraise the structural and functional components of the Australian healthcare system and the roles and responsibilities of the differing levels of government;
• C. Create a variety of ways in which complex issues can be effectively communicated for a variety of target audiences.
Length: 250 words per paragraph, 500 words in total (+/- 10%). The reference list is not included in the word count.
References: In-text citations and a reference list are to be provided and formatted in APA 7th styleLinks to an external site..
Submission requirements:
• A Microsoft Word-based document (.doc/.docx)
• Submitted files should be named according to this format:
(e.g. Lee_Bruce_96326_Ass1.docx).
1. One (1) health system perspective is provided for you: An Aboriginal man requiring renal dialysis
2. Select one (1) other health system perspective from the list below.
3. Think about and develop a single paragraph that identifies key concerns for each health system perspective. Write from the perspective of the person you have chosen (write in the first person). An example snippet is provided below. You should have two paragraphs in total (one for each perspective).
4. In-text references should be included throughout. Create a full Reference List of reliable literature to substantiate your paragraphs. In-text references and the Reference List are not included in the word count.
5. Submit your assessment.
Select from:
• A health minister defending the budget in parliament
• A finance minister attempting to balance the public purse across sectors
• A hospital manager under pressure to find more beds
• An emergency doctor who has just run out of antivenin
• A news editor reporting a public health concern
• A mother seeking treatment for her sick two-year-old
• A small business employer with a chronically ill worker
• A pressure group lobbying for more health services
• A health insurance salesman
Example snippet
The perspective of a rural General Practitioner working sixty hours a week:
-If I can’t get another doctor or nurse practitioner to work in my rural practice, I will need to leave, as my health and the quality of care I provide will be compromised if I have to take on any more patients...”