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Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (Inc.) Chartered Qualification in Human Resource Management
Course Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management
Batch AC/ONL/55
Unit Titles ACHRM/ S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9
Assessment Mode Case Study
Handing O ver Date 20th June 2021
Submission Date 29th August 2021 (before 05.00 pm)
Total 100 Marks
Word Count 1000
Hello (Pvt) Ltd, a private sector company specialising in 24/7 call centre services, acting as an outsourced call centre provider representing large companies who don’t want to provide that service for themselves. It is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes the ideal choice for a BPO firm to manage outsourced assignments. The superlative tertiary education platform backed by high English proficiency combined with a dynamic and upwardly mobile youth populace has catapulted the country to the apex of the worldwide offshore outsourcing market. The company prides itself on achieving exceptional service levels and exploiting cutting edge technology. The company encourages a team-based approach to meeting its demanding targets for response rates and for solving problems.
The company has been operating for ten (10) years now, steadily expanding its business. The originators of the company were conscious of a gap in the market for sales and service support and, with the aid of inward investment from the government, have developed a highly successful organisation. The company encourages a team-based approach to meeting its demanding targets for response rates. When traditional manufacturing industries were at their peak, Colombo experienced very little unemployment. With the downturn in the traditional industry, unemployment rates reached an all-time high.
In addition to these high levels of unemployment, the potential workforce tends to be low skilled with higher than average representation among disadvantaged groups. Hello, (Pvt) Ltd relocated to Colombo five years ago, attracted to the area by inward investment grants offered by the Government.
Hello, (Pvt) Ltd has a reputation throughout the industry for its innovative approach to HR. The employees' number around 180+ with generally low attrition rates due to good team leadership and a clean and spacious working environment. The organisation structure facilitates a supportive, enabling culture, where people feel valued as a key resource and have access to a wide variety of training and development to meet their needs and business needs. The company’s approach to its workforce is reflected in its desire to achieve the “Great Place to work” for the last five years.
The workforce at Hello (Pvt) Ltd is diverse, and the organisation benefits from the opportunity to recruit staff from a variety of disadvantaged groups. The workforce has above average representation of Minority Ethnic workers, disabled workers and workers with criminal records.
Hello, (Pvt) Ltd, geographically located in Colombo, Sri Lanka was well established as an Information Technology Enabled Service Provider Company. The Company has established in the industry by its highly dedicated Professionals to provide total IT-enabled solutions services under one roof. Hello (Pvt) Ltd, is a leading provider of customer-centric call centre solutions and services. Its services are aimed at managing, monitoring, and fostering customer interaction and relationship programs through various communication channels. Hello (Pvt) Ltd, helps customers to create and maintain superior end-to-end service for their customers. Hello (Pvt) Ltd, looking to remove communication and workflow barriers or automate customers’ business processes, Hello (Pvt) Ltd, solutions allow business clients to strongly build their customer relationships and workforce optimization for lower investments.
To realize this vision, mission Hello (Pvt) Ltd, will continually communicate with, and learn from Customers, to improve services. Hello (Pvt) Ltd, keep in tune with the technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure customers always have the best service available to them.
Vision: “We make your business dreams come true.-
Mission statement: “Hello (Pvt) Ltd offers a unique 24/7 call centre service that keeps client and customer satisfaction as the priority. We aim to act with integrity and professionalism for all our clients as we interact with their customers, offering them a high quality, pricecompetitive and consistent service. Our 180-seat call centre is state of the art and provides our staff with a modern, spacious and inspiring place to work.”
Values are integrity, teamwork, enthusiasm, Can-do and will-do attitude, taking initiatives, strong leadership, and creativity in process orientation”
The company has four business objectives in this year’s Corporate Plan, relating to Human Resources, which have to be achieved within the next two years:
Goal: to improve employee retention even more, thus reducing recruitment and training costs
Business objectives
i. To develop and implement a training programme that details recruit activities for the first 90 days on the job. ii. To implement one-to-one meetings with employees to build rapport and find out any issues. iii. To increase team leaders’ ability to motivate and build strong team ethos across the organisation.
iv. To maintain a productive and positive employee environment or culture which will reduce employee turnover in identified areas.
The company’s approach to its workforce is reflected in its desire to increase. The four business objectives aim to not only improve retention rates but to develop the workforce further. Employees require to be upskilled in new technology and all supervisors, old and new, require to improve their motivational and team leadership skills.
You are the Human Resource (HR) Assistant for Hello (Pvt) Ltd. The HR Manager has advised you that a vacancy has arisen for the post of team leader for the Customer Relationships section of the company.
He has delegated the responsibility for the recruitment of this post to you, but you have been asked to prepare a report in which you outline the steps that you will take to fill this vacancy. This is the first real opportunity that you have had to demonstrate to the HR Manager your knowledge and ability to demonstrate excellence in HR practice, and you are keen to perform well.
You should answer all questions below. Your response for all questions should be a total of approximately 1000 words. Your response must be specific to the particular organisation given in the case study. It should not provide exhaustive lists of the theory that does not apply to the example in the case.
Q1- Explain identifiable recent trends in management at Hello (Pvt) Ltd
(10 Marks) Q2- Discuss the responsibilities HR department in the context of the case study.
(10 Marks) Q3- Discuss the current method of collection of Job Analysis information in this organisation base on two methods of Job Analysis information collection process.
(15 Marks)
Q4- Explain the responsibilities of the CEO in strategic workforce planning.
(10 Marks)
Q5- Discuss benefits and risks in internal and external recruitment in terms of Hello (Pvt)
(10 Marks)
Q6- Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, there is a labour surplus created at Hello (Pvt) Ltd. If you are the HR Manager of this company how you will address this issue?
(15 Marks)
Q7- List and explain elements of reward management to the CEO of the company.
(10 Marks)
Q8- Explain the benefits of Health and Safety at the workplace to CEO in terms of employees and employers.
(10 Marks)
Q9- Describe employee disciplinary procedures to be implemented at Hello (Pvt) Ltd.
(10 Marks)