Recent Question/Assignment

Why is effective communication essential to the delivery of person- centered care?
Justify your response with reference to six peer reviewed current (less than five years old) journal articles from independent research. ( No website reference)(1000 words)
Please follow the below guidelines:
Journal and independent research reference needed APA7

APA7 reference:
Format of the essay:
Introduction ( 150 words) Brief overview of person cantered care, purpose and scope and define key term.
Body (700 words)
Argument 1
argument 2
argument 3
argument 4
every argument paragraph should have APA7 reference.
Conclusion 150 words
Please relate essay nursing communication, culture and person cantered communication, communicating positively with aboriginal and Torres strait islander, communicating for person centric care with language barriers and cultural differences etc.

Knowledge: The paper convincingly demonstrates knowledge acquired from deep engagement with the topics in module 1 and 2.
Critical Analysis: There is a succinct and critical justification for the chosen arguments.
Argument: Relevant research/evidence including industry data has been evaluated, synthesised and integrated to substantially support the key arguments.
Communication: The paper is articulate; ideas are presented logically and coherently. Applies rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation accurately. Accurately uses discipline-specific language.
Academic convention: APA 7th referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list have been applied accurately and consistently.
Learning Outcomes

This task addresses the following learning outcomes:

Critically review communication models and modes and their implications for effective, appropriate, and culturally safe nursing practice for individuals, families, groups and communities, throughout the lifespan and in all practice settings.