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I need a quote for the assignment for my theory paper.It has to in APA format. The number of pages are indicated on the assignment,
N500 Theory/Philosophy Paper Guidelines (30 points/ 30% of grade)
Write a paper describing ybur future advanced practice nursing role to include your personal philosophy on advanced practice nursing and healthcare. In addition, describe a theoiy congruent with your future advanced practice nursing role and your personal philosophy. Justify the utility of the theory by using questions from the guidelines below:
Are theoiy goals and practice goals congruent? Examine the goal of the theory and compare it with the outcomes or goals of nursing practice (standards of practice, personal philosophy of nursing and healthcare).
Is the context of the theoiy congruent with the practice situation? Examine tire theory to determine context for application and compare it with the context of the situation at hand,
Is there similarity between theory variables and practice variables? Compare the theoretic variables (concepts) and the variables recognized to directly influence the practice situation to determine if all essential concepts are addressed in the theory.
Does research evidence support the theoiy? Conduct a review of the literature for research support of the theory; critically examine study findings for validity and applicability to practice.
Guidelines for Paper Preparation
8-10 pages (including coverand reference page - no penalty for going over)
APA format is to be used throughout the paper for formatting, citation and references
Use APA guidelines (double-spaced, times new roman -12pt)
Use APA guidelines for cover page and reference page
Areas to be covered (see the rubric for grading guidelines)
o Introduction
o Personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing
o Theory to support future practice
o Application of the theoiy to future APRN role
o Conclusion