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Assignments for Internal Assessment 251.372
Assignment 1: Case Study
Technical report
Due date:
7 September
Word guide:
3000 word maximum
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to complete a practical occupational hygiene assessment of a process in a workplace.
Learning Outcomes being assessed:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the key principles and basic concepts of occupational hygiene practice
• Have an understanding of how occupational hygiene surveys are undertaken and the principles of exposure assessment
This assignment is a case study covering the principles of the recognition and evaluation phases of an occupational hygiene study of a workplace. It consists of two phases:
Part A – Materials and process inventory
Conduct an occupational hygiene survey of a process or operation you are either familiar with or have access to. Construct a materials and process inventory. Identify and comment on the actual and potential exposures in that process or operation, and the potential health hazards.
Part B – Evaluation strategy
Outline an evaluation strategy for the health hazards identified to determine whether exposure is excessive.
You should refer to the guidance provided in the Study guide, particularly Unit 1 and 2. Further guidelines for the assignment are given on Stream, on the Assessment page.
The report should be structured as follows:
• Title page (including the course name and number, the assignment name and number, your name and student ID, and word count)
• Contents page
• Introduction, including the aims of the report
• Description of the organisation/process/staff etc.
• Part A - Materials and Process Inventory
- Actual or potential exposures
- Walk-through survey
- Potential health hazards
• Part B - Evaluation Strategy
• Discussion or Conclusion
• References
• Appendices
Reference any technical information you have used for identification and evaluation of hazards, or attach as appendices to your report.
A maximum of 3,000 words for the body of the report. This specifically excludes the title page, table of contents, references and appendices.