Recent Question/Assignment

This assessment is designed to apply the knowledge and skills developed by students in evaluating the role of systems thinking in global and local sustainability challenges. You will be assigned a case study here on the LMS, and must answer the following questions in relation to the case:
1. Why is the case topic a sustainability issue, and why is it important? (400 words)
2. Why is your case topic a wicked problem? Explain using the characteristics of a wicked problem. (400 words)
3. Why have we been unable to solve this issue? (200 words)
4. Using the Iceberg model, explain if and how systems thinking might be useful in addressing the wickedness of the problem. (500 words).
Checklist before you submit:
Only MS Word and PDF Formats accepted.
The assessment is due on Sunday 29 August before 11:59 pm (Melbourne Time)
Have you submitted your work to Studiosity for feedback on your grammar and referencing?
Please check that you have submitted the correct file, resubmissions will not be allowed after the due date.
Double-check your work against the marking rubric.
Check that you have covered the basics in your assignment. This includes adherence to the word count, minimum numbers (and types) of references, correct application of the APA 6 referencing style, and answered each question separately. 10-15 references (minimum of 6 academic references, use references from the weekly reading lists)
1500 words (+/- 10%) reference list is not included in the word count
You are allowed to check your Turnitin score before as you