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SVY3304 2021 Assignment 2
Cadastral Surveying (Queensland)
1. Assignment information 3
1.1. Introduction 3
1.2. Assignment topics 3
1.3. Assignment Value 3
1.4. Due Date 4
1.5. Late penalty 4
1.6. Assignment presentation guidelines 4
1.7. Submission Instructions 4
1.8. Further questions 5
2. Assignment Body 6
1. Assignment information
1.1. Introduction
This assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to analyse existing cadastral documentary evidence and to gauge your continued development of reinstatement and plan presentation skills.
1.2. Assignment topics
The table below shows how course modules are linked to the assignment questions
Assignment Question 1 2
Course Module 1,2 & 5 2,3,4,7 & 8
Table 1:
For more information on the course topics that this assignment relates to, please see the course specification page. This is linked through the course StudyDesk. Individual courses can be searched here.
1.3. Assignment Value
This assignment is weighted at 40% of the course assessment and is a total of 400 marks. A summary of mark distribution for the assignment is given in Table 2.
Question 1 150 marks
Question 2 200 marks
TOTAL 350 marks
Table 2: Mark distribution for Assignment 2
1.4. Due Date
This assignment is due on 13th SEPTEMBER 2021 at 11.55pm, as per the StudyDesk Assessment information.
For more information on the assignment due date, please see the course specification page. This is linked through the course StudyDesk. Individual courses can be searched here.
1.5. Late penalty
In this course the late penalty is 5% per day or part thereof. No assignment will be accepted after 7 days has expired from the due date. Please refer to the University Procedure for Assessment -
1.6. Assignment presentation guidelines
Plan analysis should be typewritten and in the PDF format.
Survey plans may be hand drafted but should be neat and legible.
1.7. Submission Instructions
Assignment 2 is submitted on-line. It must be in a PDF format with the file naming convention Surname_Firstname_studentnumber_SVY3304_Ass2.pdf. It will be submitted electronically through the study desk. The facility for doing this will be opened in early September.
1.8. Plagiarism & Academic Misconduct
All assessable work in a course is to be the individual student’s own work, unless advised otherwise in the Course Specification. It is unacceptable for students to share solutions to assessable work on this Study Desk site, or in any other manner. Violations of this principle are regarded as Academic Misconduct and will be dealt with under the USQ Academic Regulations.
For guidance on what constitutes Academic Misconduct and its various categories, at USQ refer to Academic Regulation 5.1 Definitions.
1.9. Further questions
If you have any questions about the assignment, please contact the course examiner Glenn Campbell via the SVY3304 Study Desk.

2. Assignment Body
Question 1 (150 Marks)
Analyse the search provided on the study desk that has been gathered to perform and identification survey on Lot 1 on RP70052. Dealing with each plan in chronological order analyse the surveys that the plan represents and how it pertains to survey to be done. For each plan ensure that you address:
1. The objective of the survey & date of the survey.
2. Evidence they relied on to establish the existing boundaries.
3. Any differences in dimensions from plans that preceded it.
4. Physical evidence placed by the survey.
5. Any other aspect of the survey that might be worthy of note.
6. Relevance to the proposed survey.
Question 2 (200 Marks)
You have been asked to complete a identification survey of Lot 91 on SP129704. Section 4.3 of Module 4 of the Study Book includes a detailed example of a reinstatement. The attached field notes record the details of your field survey Perform the reinstatement calculations using all the new field data, paying careful attention to the reinstatement arguments and bearing adjustments to field data and plan data. To swing the field data onto the plan azimuth use the marks that reference stations 2 and 7 on SP129704.
The example includes a FINAL SKETCH. The study book has two examples of a final sketch (p100 and p145). A similar plan must be prepared on an A3 sheet at suitable scale and included as the first page of your answer to this question. The plan must include all information the drafter will need to create the final plan (excluding the surveyor’s certificate). As a result it is necessary to use the prescribed abbreviations and drafting standards. However there is no requirement to use the specific font styles. Neat hand drawn plans are quite acceptable. Examination of this plan will enable the examiner to quickly determine if the reinstatement and referencing are correct. Great weight will be placed on the information shown on this plan for assessment purposes.
In addition to the plan you are required to provide a list of the radiations to all corner marks that will need to be placed to complete the survey. These radiations are to be on the field book azimuth.
It is advisable (but not mandatory) that all calculations also be shown. This will enable the examiner to find at what point in the reinstatement calculation errors were made and apportion marks accordingly. If no working is shown, no marks can be allocated for incorrect answers.
Marks will be allocated as follows:
Radiations to pegs & checks (20 Marks)
Plan dimensions (80 Marks)
Corner References (35 Marks)
Reference Marks (35 Marks)
Adjoining information (15 Marks)
Other front sheet information (10 Marks)
Areas (5 Marks)