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Marks: 6
Nord Limit: 600 words
Nhat is Critical Appraisal?
vast number of papers (on a huge variety of public health topics) are published every year in various journals. many of these are in reputable journals and have been through a process of peer-review by experts,
:he quality may still be variable. In addition, there are many sources of non peer-reviewed literature, including
:extbooks, reports and proceedings, and the Internet. However, it is usually up to the individual reader to assess :he scientific validity, strength of evidence, and practical relevance of results presented in a paper and how they be applied to the particular question they are interested in. That's where Critical Appraisals' come in!
Critical appraisal is a formal, unbiased, systematic approach to assessing the quality and relevance of evidence
'resented in a paper and its applicability to our target population's decision-making. It includes evaluating the of the study design for the research question and a careful assessment of whether the study
:onforms to specific criteria related to the study design. It should be a balanced assessment of the benefits and ;trengths of research against its flaws and weaknesses.
rhis question is introducing you to this essential technique:
:hoose ONE qualitative study from the list given below and write a short report (word limit= 600 words) iiscussing and 'critically analysing' the content of your chosen article.
-ist of Qualitative Studies:
1 . Palmer, C. Rapid appraisal of needs in reproductive health care in southern Sudan: Qualitative study. BMJ, 319, 18 Sept, 1999, 743-748. Available at: b
2. Eriksson, M, Dahlgren, L, Emmelin, M. Understanding the role of social capital for health promotion beyond Putnam: A qualitative case study from northern Sweden. Social Theory & Health 2009; 7(4), 318-338. Available at: h] sth journal/v7/n4/full/sth20096a.html
3. Crate, S.A. (2009). Gone the Bull of Winter? Contemplating climate change's cultural implications in
Northeastern Siberia. In S.A. Crate & M. Nuttal (Eds.). Anthropology and climate change. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, 139-152. Available at: h Rb3172862? lang=eng
4. Culture, sexuality, and women's agency in the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. American Journal of Public Health, 2000, 90, 7, 1042-1048. Available at: hftpflajph,aphapublications.orgæ doi pdf/10.2105/AJPH.90.7.1042
ro critically read, synthesize your chosen study, and use the following framework to write your report: Critical qppraisal Skills Programme (CASP) Qualitative Research Checklist.
VOTE: Three resources have been uploaded within this folder to help you prepare for this assessment:
1 . CASP Checklist
2. My lecture slides on Qualitative Critical Appraisal
3. An example short report will be based on qualities such as:
• Clarity of understanding and insights shown about the article;
• Linking article to the textbook and other readings;
• Linking of issues to personal/professional experience as well as public health practice;
• Efforts to apply qualitative critical appraisal framework as appropriate
Hint: Do not base all of your discussion on just the qualitative critical appraisal framework! Instead, focus on using the framework to read and link the reported findings to other readings.
Read the below scenario carefully, and answer questions 2A and 2B:

You are a public health practitioner working in a rural public hospital in Australia. Your responsibilities include wo Management of_Hjgh-Need Population Groups'.
As part of your role, you have to establish a guideline which will help hospital management, doctors, nurses, an staff assess and address the social determinants of health, which are directly or indirectly affecting your patients Some basic information about the location of the hospital and a general population profile:
• Location of the hospital= Rural Australia, providing services to approximately 20,000 people.
• Distance from metropolitan city= 700 km
• Distance to the main referring hospital = 715 km
• Classified as a medium-size hospital = 65 beds in General Ward and 35 beds in Private Rooms.
• Hospital services = Accident & Emergency; Primary Health Care - Outpatient
• Allied Health Services = Pharmacy (8 am — 6 pm on weekdays and 9 am — 4 pm on weekends)
• Permanent / regular staff= Doctors -5; Nurses — 15; Other Staff - 8
• Visiting Specialist services ( N Once weekly) = Obstetrics & Gynecology; Oral health; RFDS or Chil
• Population Profile=
• Total population = N 20,000 people
• Age distribution = 10 % aged 0 — 5 years 5 % aged 5 — 15 years 10 % aged 15 — 45 years
10 % aged 45 — 65 years
65 % aged over 65 years
Race / ethnicity = 55% of population identify themselves as Indigenous or Aboriginal / Torre South Asia and the Middle East), and the remainder are the Non-Indigenous population.

Question 2.A)
Vlarks: 4 Marks
a first step to develop the guideline, prepare an exhaustive LIST of all the factors that may affect the health well-being of this population and the hospital staff.
HINT: Think of all the concepts that you have learned over the last few weeks.
Note: This section doesn't need references.
Question 20B)
As part of your project 'Care Management of High-Need Population Groups', one of your colleagues nterviewed patients. She has prepared a qualitative report which highlighted the following finding:
('There are high levels of social isolation among older Indigenous patients with diabetes and that the patients who ire socially isolated have a higher HbA1c.-
) From your list above, explain and assess four factors/ determinants, which might be affecting this particular )opulation group? Use references and evidence to support your response.
Note: You can use different ways to present this response. For example, causal diagrams (drawn by you or ;ourced) or figures can be used to support your written response.
Nord Limit: 400 words
Marks: 4 Marks
i) Suggest one evidence-based intervention to address at least one of the factors discussed in part i).
Nord Limit: 300 words
Vlarks: 2 Marks
Question 3
south Africa has experienced several years of unprecedented drought, thought to be the result of climate :hange. Dam levels were so low in early 2018 that the government announced that Day Zero was looming: the day that taps in the city would be turned off, and it would be the start of active water rationing.
However, by using some upstream, midstream, and downstream intervention models, Capetonians postponed Day Zero. This was a big public health achievement.
Nrite a short research report on 'Day Zero' in Cape Town, focusing on discussing different levels of interventions strategies that played a major role in averting this disaster (for now!). Use references to support your -esponse.
Nork limit: 600 words
Vlarks:4 Marks

3eneral Instructions for Assignment Submission
1. Please properly reference your work, using complete references and an appropriate and consistent referencing style.
2. Use a referencing system used in journal articles, such as Vancouver, Harvard, American Psychology Association, and so forth.
3. Go to the library guides for examples if you need to
4. Please start with a cover page that gives your name, student number, course name, coordinator, marked assignment, and word count minus references. Don't forget to give your name!
5. Font should be at minimum 12 point and use a font style that makes it easy to read (e.g., Arial).
6. Use a clear layout with 1 h space between lines to facilitate the marker's reading of your answers.
7. Use clear headings,guestions numbers, and part numbers- We don't know what question you are answering if you do not clearly write. Spend some time on the structure of your assignment!
8. Include a header on each page with your name and page number on it.
9. Keep within the given word limit. The wordiest responses are not necessarily the best.
10. Some of the best assessments that I have marked have been the ones that used academic language, were concise, used proper information that was referenced.
11. Avoid plagiarism, copyzpasting, and borrowing_previous assignments.

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