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Assignment Topic
Hand washing policy
1. Select a policy from your service that you can modify. Identify one current policy trend that relates to this policy (i.e. the general direction in which matters connected with policies are developing or changing). Explain the impact this may have on policy development.
2. Research and briefly explain 2 suggested policy formats and structures that may be used in an ECEC service. (Attach 1 sample formats). Explain which format would be best suited to your service and why?
3. Facilitate open constructive discussions with others about policy issues and their possible solutions. Document 1 example and your discussion.
4. Using the policy, you selected. Develop a draft policy. See the suggested format on Page 9 of your class notes. Ensure the policy reflects the organizations culture, values and objectives, law, regulations and your research.
5. Develop and implement a consultation plan for this service to review this policy. You are required to engage in consultation with at least 3 different stakeholders, including: individuals groups or organisations.
The plan should include but not be limited to:
• How you would evaluate the policy
• Any Identified policy implementation issues with key stakeholders
• How you modified the draft policy and why? (Consultation plan-use the diagram on page 397)
6. Develop a policy proposal in relation to your selected policy above. The proposal should include but not be limited to the suggested format on Page 13 of your class notes. (ppolicy proposal-Use headings on page 398-399)
8. How would you implement your policy with educators and families? (Refer to textbook page 404)

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