Recent Question/Assignment

You are to write a personal reflection that examines?how you?have developed?your?knowledge?and skills?in learning and communicating through your studies in this unit.
Work through the following steps to assist you with planning your reflective essay:
Refer to your self-rating of?learning and communication skills submitted in 3.4 Activity 1: Learner self-assessment. What ratings did you give yourself? How would you rate your skills now?
Consider one theory covered in this unit to account for any similarities or differences to your self-rating.
Refer to your unit and course goals. What were your unit and course goals? Did you achieve them? If yes, how? If no, why not? How will your progress towards your goals assist you in your future professional or personal life?
Support your work with scholarly evidence to back up your answers, appropriately cited using APA or Swinburne Harvard and include a reference list.
Remember to draw on themes and readings from this unit to help support your ideas. Use Metzger's criteria when selecting sources