Recent Question/Assignment

THE DUE DATE IS, 9AM,13,09,2021
THE AT1 b,2000 words
And AT1A, (3)three workshops reflection each one around 700 words
AT1A: Workshop Reflections (10%)
Select and identify three Health workshops and submit a teaching folio of evidence for each workshop for assessment. The folio of evidence will overview how the workshops may be utilised in a primary school setting to provide meaningful teaching/learning experiences for students. The folio for each workshop will include:
• Personal Workshop reflections that include connection with research from the Health discipline
• Health Curriculum links
• Overview of learning activities suitable if implementing this learning area in a primary school classroom.
• Assessment opportunities
• Resources, materials & key terms with definitions
• OH&S considerations
AT1B: Health Learning Sequence (40%)
Selecting a Health learning area different to the three workshop reflections required for AT1A, you will write a Health Learning Sequence (using the inquiry process) related to a selected focus area, relevant content descriptors and achievement standards, of the Health learning area in the Victorian Curriculum
The unit plan is more than a series of lessons. It must:
• reflect detailed and complex thinking about the relationship between student diversity, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.
• include a description of the hypothetical student cohort, context (can be based on a class you have experienced) age, diversity etc that
you will be designing the unit plan for.
• incorporate a rich and engaging approach relevant to the health Focus Area and the expected developmental level you have selected.
• include relevant health Intended Learning Outcomes based on one or two Content Descriptions from Health learning area and one
Content Description from the Personal and social learning capability of the Victorian Curriculum for a specific chosen level. You will need to select the same Content Descriptions for a level below and a level above the focus level to ensure you are catering for student diversity.
• identify skills, knowledge and attitudes (where appropriate) that form the basis of the Intended Learning Outcomes for your unit. The unit plan must be approximately 4-6lessons in length depending on the topic (lesson plans are NOT required to be included).
• include a rationale for all decisions made in relation to the unit plan including the wide selection of engaging learning and assessment strategies, sequencing of learning activities etc
• include a range of assessment strategies (‘for’, ‘as’, and ‘of’) related to the learning activities. Remember assessment should not be an add-on but rather incorporate as part of the learning process.
• include the criteria for each assessment task (i.e. what exactly you are judging/looking for through each assessment strategy) and how will your judgments be recorded (e.g. observation check sheets, rubric). You don’t need to include the actual individual rubrics or tests, however, you must include an assessment guide to show the overall assessment plan linked to the learning outcomes you have selected.
• ways that the learning and assessment strategies might be adapted for students who have a range of abilities, including students who have English as an additional language (EAL), a disability, or learning difficulties.
• include a brief overview of each activity and reference all resources you have used. Specific worksheets or longer descriptions of activities must be referenced as an appendix
• clearly show a clear link between all Content Descriptions, Intended Learning Outcomes, learning activities and assessment strategies (and criteria). You will need to consider that some students will be working above or below the level for the outcomes you have selected so you will need to ensure how you will distinguish the level at which the student is actually working (eg. Identify the criteria for one level below and one higher than the level you are focusing on). This can be completed in a table prior to the learning and assessment plan (see template 1 below)
• include the background to the unit including the overall rationale and aims for the unit, student level to which it is aimed, any previous learning that might be assumed at the beginning of the unit include a correctly formatted list of references using APA7 style and appendices use
• you may wish to use tables 1 and 2 to set out your unit plan. Ensure you background/rationale is included at the beginning of the unit. See the e-book on LMS Developing a unit of work for assistance with this unit plan.