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This is a graded discussion: 20 points possible
due May 16
Discussion #1: Child Development and Holistic Play-Based Goals: How they inform practice
Due: See Course Schedule
Value: 15% of your final grade
Child Development and the Holistic Coals: How they inform practice
As you have learned, early childhood educators require knowledge about how and when children develop. This developmental knowledge informs your practice and assists you in curriculum development for young children. Also important for educators is a knowledge of the holistic goals outlined in the Curriculum Framework. Discuss how knowledge of how and when children develop can support and inform our ability to develop curriculum according to the holistic goals.
In your discussion posting, you must:
• Explain the importance of possessing knowledge of how and when children develop
• Explain the importance of possessing knowledge about the holistic goals
• Explain how child development and the holistic goals work together to inform our curriculum and practice
• Discuss the importance of developing curriculum to meet children’s development and the holistic goals.
• Describe a curriculum experience you have witnessed in an early childhood program. Reflect on how the experience did or did not meet the child’s developmental needs and each of the four holistic goals.
• Include real world examples where possible (protecting the confidentiality of those involved) to demonstrate your personal understanding of the importance of possessing knowledge about both child development and the holistic goals when developing curriculum for and working with young children.
• Include in-text citations and a reference page.
Your post should be 500-750 words long. Share your response with your classmates, and provide meaningful comments that demonstrate comprehension and analysis to at least two of your peers’ posts. Consider answering questions such as
• Where do you see similarities/differences in opinions?
• How do you agree/disagree?
Complete your post and comment on others’ posts before the due date, and always use correct spelling and proper grammar.
Please see the attached rubric to understand how you will be graded. (Go to the -more options- icon in the top right)