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1000 words (Excludes references)
Find the paper: attached, please use all of these 2 attachments & 1 external source i have added. Also The thompson paper i have attached above.
Please use info from this source too -
What’s the future of Australian Christian education? Review of ‘Taking God to School’ - Eternity News
A review of Taking God to School by Marion Maddox. Published by Allen & Unwin.. There has been little sensible discussion about the recent radical rise of religiously-oriented school education in Australia, probably because the educational mainstream simply couldn’t believe what was happening.
Write a personal reflection on what a Christian worldview means to you. Drawing on the reading by Thomson (2012) ‘Scriptures, worldview and education’, comment on a statement made by the author “I probably cannot tell you what my worldview is until I find myself in the midst of a crisis” (p. 23). What does the statement mean to you? How do you interpret it? In your reflection, please ensure you address the following:
What is a Christian worldview? Please use at least one academic source to back up your definition.
What does it mean to you? How relevant is it to you?
Comment on Thomson’s quote as indicated above.
Conclude by analysing the ways in which we as educators can getter a better understanding of the biblical story (please also draw on Thomson’s reading)

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