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Deliverable 1: ASAP Project Plan
Weighting: 25% (can be done in a team of 2/3/4)
Due Date: TBA
KKAE is an industrial company that is undergoing an SAP implementation the rollout has just commenced and an external demerger has resulted in the need to finish the project?? Weeks earlier than expected and at less cost. This deliverable aims to show the procedures of how KKAE Pty. Ltd. achieved the earlier finish date at a lower cost. The change in go live is based upon a set of business assumptions.
Download the MS project plan from the Deliverables folder. This is an MPP file of ASAP for a generic MYSAP implementation. This is the project file KKAE are using in their implementation. Familiarise yourself with the contents of the file. Familiarise yourself with MS project. Complete the following tasks and hand in the deliverables by the due date. If you need any training in MS project use the training material on MS project.
• Create and save new base calendar and amend the project start date & hours worked to assigned team.
• Now add reasonable resource costings (provide references where you got the salary costings) • Note the end-date and total cost. (Should be a 12 month project, approx.)
• Set the baseline for Part1.
• Save the resulting project. (Group##Del1part1.mpp)
Part 2.
As described above KKAE need the project to be finished earlier and at less cost in order to accommodate a proposed merger occurring within the organisation. As project managers you have been asked to reduce the cost by??% and the finish date by?? Weeks. You can reduce in any ASAP stage but there are limitations.
• In part 2 do not level the project (if you level the project becomes 10 years long)
• Do not amend any task that involves testing or security
• Do not reduce any functionality in the project that means no sections deleted
Do not reduce Milestones or summary milestones as they are not tasks
• This assignment has been modified to only utilise an implementation team of 21.
• You cannot add extra resources into the resources sheet, do not employ graduate students or reduce wages.
• The only way you are to amend the project is to either combine or amend the duration of a 4th level task, i.e.,
• You can delete a task, do not delete whole sections as that changes functionality.
• Every changed task must have an explanation.
• Save the project (Group##Del1part2.mpp)
Business Assumptions
The following is the list of business assumptions made in this activity.
• KKAE has started to use SAP system since 1996 and is familiar with the ASAP methodology.
• All staff working on the project will continue on the project, KKAE do not want to lose valuable SAP people.
• The head office of KKAE is located in Melbourne. Documents and reports must be displayed/printed in English.
Deliverables with professional level documentation uploaded by due date with following soft copies.
• Completed Part 1 project file. (Group##Del1part1.mpp) • Completed Part 2 project file. (Group##Del1part2.mpp)
• Word file containing the start, end dates and total costings of Parts 1, 2 &3.
• Word file describing in detail your additional assumptions, justification in how you bought the project with a??% cost reduction and? weeks early(at least 5 pages)
• Each cost or time reduction/change needs explanation or justification (at least one reason with details). • Declaration form
VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY BCO5651 Deliverable1 – ASAP Project Plan-Mark Sheet
Team no:
Project Start Dates to be taken from next month/ current year
Group Start Date Days Hours Lunch Holidays Time Reduction Working Weeks Cost Reduction %
1 1st Wed 5.5 9-6 1
National Holidays in your own country 5 10
2 1st Fri 5.5 8-6 2 6 7.5
3 2nd Mon 6 9-6 1 7 15
4 2nd Wed 6 9-6 1 5 12.5
5 2nd Fri 6 8-6 2 6 10
6 3rd Mon 6 9-6 1 7 7.5
7 3rd Tues 6 10-7 1 5 15
8 3rd Wed 5.5 8-6 2 6 12.5
9 4th Mon 5.5 9-6 1 7 10
10 4th Wed 5.5 10-7 1 5 7.5
11 4th Fri 5.5 8-6 2 6 15
12 Ist Monday 5.5 8-6 2 7 12.5
13 2nd Tuesday 6 8-5 1 5 10
14 1st Thursday 6 9-6 1 6 7.5
15 4th Tuesday 6 8-5 1 7 15
Completed All Requirements x4
Completed Part 1 project file. (Group##Del1part1.mpp) v All reqs completed Most reqs completed Some reqs completed Limited set of reqs No project file
Completed Part 2 project file. (Group##Del1part2.mpp) v All reqs completed Most reqs completed Some reqs completed Limited set of reqs No project file
Completed requested Word Files start/end date stud dec form vv Excellent stand Very Good Stand Good Stand Limited Stand Poor stand
Reasonable Resource Costing x4
Reasonable Resource Costings vv Realistic costings Less Realistic Costings Good
Costings Poor Costings No ref costings
Research &References vv Excellent
wide set refs Good but narrow refs Mostly correct refs Limited refs No set refs
Time/Cost Reduction with Security and Testing x8
Testing of Security amended or reduced functinality
Less than two
More than two
All amended
Milestones or Summary Milestones Amended v Not amended Few amended Some amended Most amended Mostly amended
Method & Justification used to Reduce Time vvv Excellent Just Good just Justified Limited just No Just
Method & Justification used to Reduce Cost vvv Excellent Just Good just Justified Limited just No Just
Documentation Additional Features x4
Professional Level Documentation and extra features vvv v Outstanding doc Very Good doc Good doc Poor doc Very poor doc
x1 x.8 x.6 x.5 x 0