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Individual Case Study Analysis Week 11 03 Oct 40%
Task Description
Task 3 is a written report based on a case study. Students will analyse the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere- ADELAIDE FRINGE- with cabaret, theatre, comedy, circus, music, visual arts, workshops and so much more in Adelaide ((Adelaide Fringe: Although the 2021 festivals took a slightly different format due to the COVID-19 Virus, the information for this assessment can be obtained from the festival's website.
Wider research will be required.
Task Length:
• 2200-2400 words
• Estimated workload: 16-18 hours
Task Requirements
Students are required to base their report on the Report Structure as indicated below.
• Title Page with the student's name and number, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment;
• Executive summary
• A Table of Contents with section numbers, section titles/headings (see below for guidance) and page numbers;
• Introduction that provides an overview of the report and its content;
• The Main Body of the report in sections, which should include the following elements relating to the chosen event:
a) Description of the event concept;
b) Analysis of the target market
c) Application of Co-creation to this event
d) Discussion of the impacts of this event on tourism and hospitality sectors in Adelaide and beyond
e) Analysis of external influences that can impact on this event (PESTLE)
f) Overview of items relating to a Risk and Disaster Management Plan applicable to this event (including a minimum of 3 risk examples on the risk matrix)
g) The (potential) use of volunteers at this event and the positive impact for thesevolunteers
h) Legacy of the event
i) Analysis how this event matches the forecasted trends (as posted by Eventbrite)
• A minimum of three (3) recommendations of realistic future development opportunities to improve this event and the positive impacts on the tourism industry
• Reference List and in-text referencing in APA Referencing Style with a minimum of four (4) sources: a minimum of two (2) academic journal articles and/or texts (e.g. the prescribed texts) AND two (2) other resources;
• Relevant Appendices (e.g. charts, graphs, maps): optional.
• Professional report format: free of spelling and grammar mistakes; 1.5 spacing, 12pt font in Times New Roman or Calibri
Assessment Guide (2021.2 Online): THT2106 Festival and Events Management
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Assessment Criteria
1. Analyse the scope and opportunities of -Festivals- on tourism and hospitality events
2. Analyse benefits (or otherwise) to the community from hosting the event Analyse the scope and opportunities of -Festivals- on tourism and hospitality events
3. Use academic literature and industry information to provide recommendations for effective event selection for publicity purposes
4. Provide an analysis of external and internal influences on events and the environment in which they operate. See Separate Marking Rubric for the detailed marking allocation
Teaching Strategy:
Planning and concepts
Evaluation and Legacy Risk Management
Week 2 Understanding the basis of events
Week 3 Involving customers in the
concept design and events experience
Week 7 Impact analysis
Week 8 Applying Risk Management tools
into event planning
Week 9 Volunteers
Week 10 Matching event to future trends