Recent Question/Assignment

Theory PowerPoint Presentation
20 points/20% of grade
Present the theory that supports your future advanced practice nursing role which you used in your final paper as a voice over PowerPoint presentation. This presentation will be submitted as an attachment to the Theory PowerPoint Presentation discussion forum. In the presentation you will describe the theory and justify its application to practice using the information from your paper.
Use no more than 12 slides with a voice over description for each slide. You may be creative with background and animation for the slide show but remember that it is the content that is most important.
Include an introductory slide that states your name, school affiliation, nursing background and ICMSN specialty track.
Include a schematic representation of the theory. If there is not a published schematic of the theory you choose create one of your own.
Explain how the theory can be applied to your future practice.
o use the information from your theory philosophy paper to describe how the chosen theory applies to your future practice
o use visual diagrams to describe relationships to concepts
a use clinical practice scenarios/examples to support your theory
o use evidence based practice examples
View and comment on the presentations of three (3) other students.
Include a slide at the end with your references in APA format.
Use APA format for any citations within the PowerPoint.
Introductory slide 2 points
Explanation of theory to practice 10 points
Inclusion of a schematic model 3 points
Viewing and commenting on peers 3 points
APA format for reference slide I points
Spelling and grammar 1 points
M Total 20 points