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Contribute to Organisation Development
Student Assessment 1 Knowledge Questions
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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Intellectual Property Statement
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By purchasing the 'BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisations! Development' assessment resources (-Product-), you are entitled to use it for educational purposes only, but the intellectual property remains with VET Fair. This Product includes the following components:
• Assessor Guide
• Stud ent Assessment Guide
• Student Assessment Workbook
• any othe r material to support the i mplementation of the Prod Utt (e.g. po li ry and p roced u res, tern pl at es, etc.).
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a) repno duce this Prod oct or produce other assessment resources ba sed on this P rodu ct
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c) use this Prod u ct for any other purpos es th a n educati on (e.g. a ssesslng stude nt com petency, con ducting vali dation and mod eration activities,
ci resell this Product to any pa rty of in di vidua
e) use this Product without affixing the following statement in each copy of a modified, adapted, customised or contextualised version of this
Product that is distributed electronically or in a physical format to your target learner audience;
-The assessment activities and information in tftfs guide are derived from the BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisational Development assessment resources provided by VET Fair. VET Fair owns al! copyright to this information and the intellectual property afthis resource remains with VET Fair.-
Breaches of this copyright will resu It in VET Fa' r claim i n g for toss of sa les.
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Assessment Instructions for Knowledge Questions
Instructions to student:
This is the knowledge assessment for the unit.
The information contained here is instruction on how to complete the assessment then submit for marking, feedback and results.
{1} Students are expected to learn and practice before completing the assessments. Students can attend Assessor information sessions in TEAMS to prepare for the assessment and get further instructions. The information sessions are notified direct to your Mercury Colleges email address. Make sure you log in and attend these sessions.
(2) You are required to individually complete the Knowledge Questions by the due date.
(3} The questions must be completed in written format. You may use the supplied document here to hand write or type in your answers.
(4} Submit into ELearn using your student login.
If you are using a computer, save the file according to the submit procedure into ELearn.
If you are competing the assessment by hand-written answers, then you will need to scan the document and save the file according to the same submit procedure into ELearn.
(5} This is not a closed book exam assessment. The unit resources in ELearn including the Learner Guide can be used as a reference. However, students must not copy a full answer or plagiarise from the Learner Guide or other sources unless this is indicated as acceptable in the question. So, the answer must be in your own words.
(6} Please note that your responses can (where appropriate) use dot point for mat or a full sentence. See below for an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response. There is a word count guidance to what is a full and complete answer.
Dot point format Presentation Plan includes the following: * outcomes * needs of the audience * context.
Full sentence format When you are preparing for a Presentation, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out. These are; listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followed by the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completed these two tasks, you then check on the room you will be conducting the simulation in etc.
(7) The Mercury Colleges Academic Misconduct Policy that has more information about cheating and not submitting your own genuine work (also known as plagiarism). You have made a student declaration to be sure you are ready to do this assessment and that you understand College policy, your rights and obligations.
(8) Each question will be marked in a recording form by the Assessor. You are expected to complete and get every question correct.
(9) You will get feedback on your result and will be able to re-submit answers that are not correct.
(10)The final mark is S - satisfactory or NYS - not yet satisfactory. Satisfactory mean all questions are answered correctly. See the Result form uploaded in ELearn (Gradebook) for your mark and feedback.
(ll)Follow the Mercury Colleges ELearn submission steps for file naming and the procedures set by for uploading. You can read these procedures in the ELearn platform.
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Your assessor will go through the assessment for this unit. It is important that you understand this assessment. To confirm that you have been given this overview and the opportunity to do an information session, we ask you to complete the fol Sowing Student Declaration.
Read each checklist item provided below and tick for YES to confirm your understanding or x for NO if you disagree. You can ask for support here in the declaration and follow up with your assessor. We ask you to sign this Declaration.
Student Name:
Student ID No:
Submission Date:
Unit Code: BSBMGT615 Unit Title: Contribute to Organisation Development
TASK Assessment 1 - Knowledge Questions
Leam then do the assessment -1 had time to learn then practice before the assessments.
Information session - I had the opportunity to attend an information session in TEAMS where the Assessor has gone through the Instructions
I understand that this is a formal assessment.
Authentic - It is my work -1 understand I must demonstrate the knowledge and skills for this unit myself in my own words.
Recordings -1 understand the Assessor will use a recording form to observe practical tasks and role play and may take photos or screen shots from TEAMS or other technology that is used to prove this was authentic and real. I give permission for the use of these images for this assessment purpose only.
Student Declaration
Add a X cross and comment at bottom Computer, Email, Internet etc -1 have the technology required to participate in the assessment or if I do not, I know that Mercury College will support and supply me with the technology assistance.
ELeam Submit -1 have username and log in and can follow procedures to submit the assessments
I understand I will get results and feedback at the end of the assessment
I have read about the re-submits. the reassessments and appeals
I know I can talk to the Assessor if I have any support needs to help me do this assessment. I will follow this up if needed.
I am ready for assessment and sign here.
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Concerns raised by student (Marked X) ? 1 will make contact or talk to the Assessor about my concerns and how 1 will be able to do the assessment and 1 will ask to discuss support or adjustments.
Student Signature
Assessment 1 Knowledge Questions
Question 1
During the course, you were introduced to a_ number of theories of organisations! behaviour and dynamics relevant to planning and implementing organisational development. Here is the list below.
General theories Specific theories developed by writers
Bureaucratic management Henri Fayol's Management Principles
Scientific management (FW Taylor, time and motion studies etc) Deming's Management Points.
Acceptance theory of management Motivation theories - Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Motivation theories - McGregor’s Theory X and Y
LA Select two theories that you consider are suited and appropriate for 21Lt century management of planning and implementing organisational development
Outline each theory and give a reason for your view. (Estimated 150 words per theory)
Insert your response here:
Outline the theory
Explain how this theory can affect organisational development planning and implementation
Theory 2
Outline the theory
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Explain how this theory can affect organisational development planning and implementation
Question 2
in the table provided, list 3 aspects of organisational culture that can affect organisational development and explain howto address them in planning and implementation. Word count should be about 50 words in total for each aspect and example.
Write your response here:
Aspects of organisational culture
Explain how you would address this to develop the organisation
Explain how you would address this to develop the organisation
Explain how you would address this to develop the organisation
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Question 3
Explain one technique that can be used to ensure participation and support for organisational development for each of the listed processes. Word count should be about 100 words for each technique.
Write your response here:
Explain a technique for Change Management
Explain a technique for Consultation
Explain a technique for generating ideas
Explain a technique for evaluation
Explain a technique for managing conflict
Question 4
Give a brief explanation of the impact of the legislation listed here on organisational development and change management. Word count should be about 150 words per legislation.
Write your response here:
Legislation Explanation of how this legislation can impact and influence change management.
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Fair Work Act 2009 Will impact on organisational development planning because:
WHS Act 2011 Will impact on organisational development planning because:
__________________________________E/irf of Knowledge questions_____________________
BSBMGT615 v4.2 2020
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