Recent Question/Assignment

Lesson topic: nature of strategic management
Q1. Would strategic-management concepts and techniques benefit foreign businesses as much as domestic firms? Justify your answer
Q2. Why is strategy implementation often considered the most difficult stage in the strategic management process?
Q3. Discuss relationships among objectives, strategies, and policies.
Lesson topic: mission and vision statement
Q1. conduct a research on the internet with the keywords vision statement and mission statement. Find various company vision and mission statements, and evaluate the documents. Write a one-page on your findings.
So for this question you have to choose any 3 companies that have a mission and vision statements and evaluate the mission and vision statements of each company by mentioning as well as explaining the below things( examples for vision statements is given to be more clear), so evaluate the mission and vision statements of the 3 companies based on the written below:
For vision :
For example, general motor’s vision is to be the world leader in transportation products and related, so within the vision we have something that makes the company distinguished means having a characteristic that makes it distinct and different from others, but this difference in the positive way like the general motors now, is to be the world leader in transportation so the world leader is what the general motors want today the world leader in the transportation products and related services, so the vision looks at the future and the state of what distinguishes the company from the other, so the vision looks at what to become and what distinguishes.
Example of another vision statement for dell to create a company culture to environmental excellence so what make it distinct is the environmental excellence and their vision is creating. So that’s what the vision is all about.
For mission:
Regarding the mission statement, it answers the question of what’s our business? and what are we doing? If it’s an education then the mission statement should be something around the education and what it reviews but the organization wants to be whom it want to serve, so for example as an education we need to see as well to whom we need to sell whether for governments, to serve national economy so all of these are to be mentioned in the mission statement.
Q2. How often do you think a firm’s vision and mission statements should be changed?
Q3. Why do you think organizations that have a comprehensive mission tend to be high performers? Does having a comprehensive mission cause high performance?
Q4. Do you think, Vision and Mission are important to organizations, Why?
Q5. Not for profit Organization , do not need vision or mission? Agree? Disagree? Justify .
Important note:
For each question answers it’s very important to explain, justify, describe and give examples.