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Qualification: BSB61015
Training Package: BSB Business Service
Due Date: Week 4 Assessment Type:
Assessment Guidelines
Please read the following assessment guidelines carefully.
1. The purpose of this activity is to assess your knowledge and skills in Manage employee relations.
2. If you have any considerations that may affect your performance in the assessment, please inform your assessor immediately. Your assessor will provide you with a suitable alternative to complete this assessment.
3. Your assessor will mark your assessment and provide feedback and a grade to you via the assessment submission on Moodle.
4. If you feel the decision made by your assessor was incorrect you have the rights to appeal the grading through filling out an appeals form which will then be handle by the Academic Manager.
5. A “NYS” (not yet satisfactory) result of this task may be returned to you for a re-assessment. Re-assessments must be submitted by an agreed date with your assessor.
6. The re-assessment work must address the specific performance tasks beyond doubt for the assessor to issue a satisfactory (pass) result. A repeat NYS outcome could lead to an administration fee for further reassessment.
7. All work must be done individually. Copied work will not be accepted and
By adding my name to this document, I hereby declare the work is my own and has not been copied from any other source.
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Assessment Overview
There are three tasks which need to be completed in this assessment.
Task A-Knowledge-based questions
Task B-Practical Activity
Task C-Induction Presentation and Training Session
You can use the PowerPoint lectures slides along with the learner guide with the assistance of your trainer to help you complete this assessment.
If you are unable to download your assessment or any learning material from the Moodle portal you must notify your trainer immediately. Once you have completed the assessment if needs to be saved and uploaded to Moodle for marking. If you are required to attach or upload additional documentation with your assessment, make sure all documentations has your name and student number on it before it is uploaded.
If you are unable to upload to Moodle, you need to notify your class trainer immediately to you have this issue resolved.
Please make sure the work in this assessment is your own.
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Task A – Knowledge Base Questions
}* 1. In your own words what is Employee relations?

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3. List 3 employee relations strategy objectives and explain these strategies meet the requirement for equal opportunity and anti-discrimination to employee.
4. Name four areas where conflict can occur in the organisation and suggest a strategy or policy which can be implemented to deal with each?
5. Explain why individuals and team plans should be used in the workplace.
6. List down the benefits an employee performance management plan provides?
7. Looking at your own workplace, job roles and award at your company in dot points give details of dispute resolution requirements for your company?
8. How can external mediation, conciliation and arbitration be used by an organisation?
9. How can your workplace overcome areas of diversity and promote positivity within the working environment?
10. Your manager has asked you to brain storm ideas for a plan which promotes good diversity practices through an educational approach and communication for the areas of diversity in Q9. For each area of diversity, in dot points how can this be overcome through education programs?
11. Using your current or previous workplace provide in dot point form how employee relations policies should be evaluated and revised in the organisation, you need to include:
a. When reviews are made?
b. What factors are involved?
c. Who would be included?
12. For each of the below you need to provide an outline on how they contribute to developing organisational policies and procedures.
a. Employee Recruitment
b. Employee retention
c. Employee satisfaction
13. Using your current workplace explain the employee relations strategy which is used and how it fits into your companies vision for employees?
14. Identify three events which may inhibit an organisation from meeting its diversity objectives and suggest three processes for each that you could put into place to help overcome these.
15. Write 300 words, describing the principles of one industrial agreement that affects your workplace.
16. Write 100 words explaining your organisation’s objectives for human resource planning.
17. Write 100 words, explaining the staff development strategies used in your organisation. List.
the type and purpose of them.
18. Write 100 words, explaining your organisation’s unfair dismissal rules.
Task B – Practical Activity
For the activities in task B you can use your own workplace or a workplace you have previously worked in.
1. Using a risk management approach develop a strategy or policy which can be implemented in your organisations for employee relations in the workplace. Learners can:
a. Talk with other learner in your class to discuss consultation approach for the strategy to determine the worth of the policy.
2. a. Using the below template, you need to be develop a strategy explaining how you would manage employee disputes with risk management strategies. You need to include in the template at least two examples.
Employee dispute strategy
Types of dispute which may arise? Examples of disputes? Possible outcomes
Risk management strategies Examples of risk management strategies
b. For the strategy in the previous question, gather and analyse data/feedback to analyse its performance. Write 200 words explaining how it could be improved.
3. Establish a process for early intervention in employee disputes within your own workplace which includes:
a. Action being taken
b. Who was/will be involved
c. Contingency plan
Students answers will include:
4. As a HR manager working within your organization imagine you have a new or existing employee starting in a new role as company receptionist, you need to provide them with clarification on how their role will contribute to the organisations work objectives. How do you provide clear and concise information to the employee?
5. Your boss has asked you to develop an advertisement for a new position in your organisations, you can use any position you like or you can create the advertisement around the position of kitchen hand. In the advertisement you must discuss: (You can base the advertisement on working conditions for an international student)
a. Maximum weekly hours for the role
b. Flexible working arrangements which can be considered
c. Annual leave entitlements
6. You have been asked to gather some information for new employees on training opportunities within your current or previous workplace. Have a discussion and note down points from the discussion/ consultation on how employees and the company can work together to achieve the goal of employee training.
7. Think about a time where you were involved in a workplace dispute, you are unsure on how to deal with or resolve the dispute. Outline in a communication plan you would use to obtain advice from a chosen specialist service who can help to advise you on how to resolve or overcome the dispute.
8. Using your current workplace or a previous workplace which promotes good diversity practices outline how the diversity practices along with educational approaches and communications are demonstrated in your current or previous employment?
Task C – Induction Presentation and Training Session
Using PowerPoint as your presentation aid you need to create and present an induction process on workplace processes and procedures, again you can use your current or previous workplace.
After you have developed your presentation you will present it you your class and assessor. You will present it as a training session, you will be training the other employees (students in your class and your assessor) on how to correctly undertake an induction and the benefits of the induction
In your presentation induction ensure you have covered:
• Health and safety requirements (include, fire exits, evacuation procedures, incident reports)
• Use of the premises (facilities, security, work areas)
• Employee policy/procedures (dress codes, disciplines, use of phones and internet, communicating with clients/customers)
• Discuss how employees can deal with conflict, conflict management solutions,
• Organisational staff structure and key personnel
• Inform staff of the procedures for raising and resolving issues or disputes (problem solving processes) and how they should seek support for these processes
• Diversity within the workplace which can promote positivity in the workplace o Explain how your workplace is actively working towards promoting diversity through educational approaches and communication.
Your PowerPoint should be at least 10 slides long and needs to include all the above point.

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