Recent Question/Assignment

How does the document define physical education and health?
The document describes that physical education is one of the most important aspect in the life of the individual which can also be referred to as active play and this helps in build-up of strong and healthy body (Bethany kindergarten services, 2021). It also helps to build motor skills and provides protection from variety of diseases.
What kinds of relationships or approaches to teaching are enabled by this definition? (Implications for practice)
This is by making sure that teachers realise the important of physical activities and health and they promote both children initiated as well as adult guided physical activities. This is in association with various health standards so that safety of the child can be made along with the physical activities.
Who wrote the document? Who is the document intended for?
The document has been published by the BETHANY KINDERGARTEN SERVICES which is situated in Hamlyn heights, VIC, Australia and aims towards providing care services to toddlers and children. The policy should be supported and followed by the children, volunteers, educators, families, and the other staff members.
What images of the child and teacher are present in the document?
Children have been projected as mentally and physically developing being and there are various activities which are important during this phase. They are experimental and hence they are very encouraging and excited when being projected to a new activities or games. During this type, the teacher has been projected as the guide of the student as they are small and hence are more prone towards risks and harm (Bethany kindergarten services, 2021). The role of the teacher during the play activity is not just to conduct and indulge children in it but also to make sure that the activity is being carried out in a safe and good way.
What understandings of physical education, health and movement are promoted in the document?
This document presents the importance of physical education and activities upon the learning and understanding of the children. However, the choice of the play lies within the children and their family which means that they can choose which type of activity would they like their children to be a part of. They also intend towards providing classes to the family and children the importance of physical education and how this can be incorporated at home.
What understandings of physical education, health and movement are silenced or unsaid in the document?
There is not much discussion regarding the cultural values and practices which are often a part of the physical activity. When cultural values and practices are made a part of the physical activities, this helps to provide both physical and mental wellbeing.

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