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Assignment 2 is the Major but Desk-based 'Equity Focused Health Impact Assessments' (EFHIA) Report - considered the CAPSTONE of Masters of Public Health!
What is EFHIA? Module 4 of this course is designed to introduce you to this complex and dynamic concept, and from Module 6 onwards, we will start looking at each separate step of EFHIA.
Brief Task Description: To facilitate students in gaining some practical experience in a core area of public health practice, all students will complete a desk-based project involving an equity-focused health impact assessment (HIA) of a program or policy plan from either the list provided by Course Coordinator or of their own choice. However, students are required to discuss their choice with Course coordinator to ensure that they have chosen an appropriate topic and policy for the assessment.
As part of the project, students will be required to undertake a ‘desk-based’ exercise of preliminary HIA steps— screening, scoping, identification, assessment —to form draft recommendations about a planned program or policy in a specific local area. This is an amazing opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during the course to an existing proposal; one that may be highly contested by a range of stakeholders.
The central aim of EFHIA: To make clear whether the proposal will differentially impact on different groups, especially whether negative impacts (e.g., locating a new factory, removing transport subsidies for school children) may be felt more strongly by one group and not others.
All the students are required to share their progress via Blackboard