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Faculty of Education – Tutor Portfolio
Due date: 10 October 2021 (23:59)
Section A
1. A_STEP training
1.1) Critically reflect on your experience during your attendance or the completion of the Faculty-Specific, Online, and Academic Advising training sessions.
1.2) When you started as a tutor in the beginning of the year, what goals, objectives and expectations did you set for yourself. Please complete this section using the SMART goal method and how did implement this plan to ensure that you meet the goals, objectives, and expectations you set for yourself?
2.1) Marketing
- How did you as a tutor market your sessions to your students and remind them of your tutorial session?
- Did you use any creative means to market your sessions? If yes, please elaborate.
- How did your student react to the marketing methods you used to remind them of your tutorial session, additionally, what means of communication did you use?
- What recommendations do you have regarding the marketing conducted by CTL to assist in the marketing of online tutorials?
3.) All worksheets and additional materials used in your A_STEP sessions
- Please provide detailed feedback in terms of the materials you used during your tutorial sessions for the module(s) you tutored during the course of the year.
This includes
- Module description
- Module outcomes
- Module aims
- Summary of the content dealt with in each learning unit
Section B
1.) Tutorial planning meetings
- Please critically reflect on your meetings and engagements with your lecturer(s), TLC and/or colleagues.
Please use the following guidelines to answer the question above:
- Comment on the effectiveness of the meetings (was it helpful?)
- When issues were raised during your meetings with the lecturer, were they resolved in timeously?
- Were the meetings conducted on a regular basis and did the meeting timeslots suit you?
- Did you engage in planning for the meeting and what contributions did you make for the meetings?
- What suggestions do you have to improve the meetings with your lecturer?
2.) A_STEP Sessions
Please analyse and critically reflect on your tutorial sessions/experience with your students.
Please use the following guidelines to answer the question above:
- Which platforms and applications did you utilize for your tutorial sessions? Additionally, please elaborate on the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the platform/application.
- Which platform was your favourite platform and why?
- How did you keep your students actively engaged in the learning process. (How did you use the platform to your advantage, if applicable)
- Were your students eager to participate in your tutorials? (Did you use any creative means to increase their participation?)
- How did your students experience your tutorials, what was their feedback? (You are welcome to quote their responses)
- Were there any unexpected issues which influenced your tutorials? (Kindly indicate how you mitigated or handled these issues) (You are not limited to only relaying technological issues)

Section C
1. Expectations
Taking into consideration the goals you set for yourself in 1.1, what were your expectations prior to your first tutorial sessions, and were these expectations met after the first two tutorial sessions?
2. Objectives
- How did you plan to approach your A_STEP Sessions?
- How did your initial plan/approach change as the semester (year) progressed?
3. Experiences
- Reflect on your experiences of A_STEP during the course of the semester?
- To what extent did the training prepare you for Online tutoring?
4. Attendance of A_STEP sessions
- Discuss whether you had high or low attendance during your tutorials:
- At what point was attendance low, and at what point was it high?
- How do you think we can keep the attendance rate constant?
- Discuss attendance during online tutorials
5. How would you rate yourself as a tutor on a scale of 1-5? Elaborate on your rating.
1 = very poor,
2 = poor,
3 = average,
4 = good,
5 = excellent
6. Feedback
How did you use the observation feedback from your TLC and peers to improve your sessions?
7. Personal Development
Considering the global change in how teaching and learning has shifted towards online support of students in tutorials, how did you manage you academics and tutoring during this period?
Reflect on the following:
- Were meeting expectations with your lecturers and TLC higher or lower during this time?
- Did your workload and study load increase during this time?
- How has being an ‘A_STEPeer’ improved your personal development during the course of the semester/year?
- Your achievements (academic and personal)
- Developmental sessions that you attended/took part in
8. The A_STEP team
Critically reflect on the A_STEP team (the TLC, Lecturer(s) involved; Student Assistants and Interns involved; Peer Tutors and other relevant stakeholders) with reference to the following:
- Were they available?
- Were they helpful?
- Did you encounter any problems?
- How did you solve these problems?
- Was the support sufficient?
9. Recommendations
What recommendations would you make to the A_STEP team regarding possible improvements to the programme?

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